We care: Team ER D’ Clin­i­cal Crew estab­lishes deep con­nec­tions as they over­come Governor’s Chal­lenge.

Team ER, 'D' Clinical Crew # 2 Team ER, 'D' Clinical Crew # 1

CariFin’s 2016 Governor’s Chal­lenge called on mem­bers of the bank­ing sec­tor to form a ten-member team within their orga­ni­za­tion and give their best shots at CariFin’s four test­ing running/walking events.  Many opted to take on the gaunt­let thrown down by the Gov­er­nor, but in the end “Team ER, ‘D’ Clin­i­cal Crew” stood the tallest.

Team ER were def­i­nitely clin­i­cal in their exe­cu­tion in this year’s Gov­er­nor Chal­lenge as they over­came tough ter­rain, busy sched­ules and a few ill­nesses to endure CariFin’s four running/walking events.

Team ER, which hails from Cen­tral Bank, also oper­ated with the slo­gan “We care,” and team mem­ber Amrita, explained that the team’s deter­mi­na­tion to win the Governor’s Chal­lenge was fuelled by the togeth­er­ness and close bonds, which the group was able to estab­lish dur­ing the com­pe­ti­tion.  Although they may have just known each other’s names and faces before the start of the com­pe­ti­tion, at the end they were much more acquainted with each other.

The CBTT employee took some time out of her busy sched­ule to give Car­iFin Fit­ness an account of how three gen­tle­men and seven ladies from ‘D’ Clin­i­cal Crew over­came the Governor’s Chal­lenge at this year’s Car­iFin Games.

Car­iFin Media: I assume that you were the team leader…

Amrita Gosine: No, I was more like the cheer­leader (laughs). Robert (Lopez) was actu­ally our team leader.

CM: Well that’s not a bad thing.

CM: What was the name of your team?

AG: Our name was Team ER, ‘D’ Clin­i­cal Crew.

CM: Who came up with the name?

AG: Actu­ally the cap­tain Robert and the rest of the team con­tributed.  Our depart­ment is Exter­nal Rela­tions (ER) so we con­cep­tu­al­ized that ER would be like Emer­gency for the hos­pi­tal and that’s how we came up with the name ‘D’ Clin­i­cal Crew.  They came up with the tagline “We Care”, as well because it went with the whole hospital/emergency theme.  Our cos­tume was dust masks and gloves.

CM: Who made up Team ER?

AG: It wasn’t our depart­ment only.  We also had peo­ple from other depart­ments in our team it wasn’t just mem­bers from the Exter­nal Rela­tions Depart­ment. We had one per­son from Pro­cure­ment, two per­sons from Bank­ing, one per­son from HR and another per­son from IT, which is now FTIS.  The remain­ing five were from Exter­nal Relations.

CM: What was your favorite event at the Car­iFin Games this year?

AG: I think I would have to say the Chan­cel­lor Challenge.

CM: What was your time at Chan­cel­lor like?

AG I think it was around 30 min­utes.  I was a run­ner but I jogged.  I walked very fast (chuck­les).  Every team has eight run­ners and two walk­ers.  So the run­ners take off first and then the walk­ers go after. The guys are run­ners beyond this event, as they do com­pet­i­tive run­ning.  So Jere­miah, Robert and Elton went off and us girls took our time.

CM: How did you and your team train for the Car­iFin Games?

AG: When the team came together we started doing dry runs of the courses twice or three times a week.  For the Green Mile we went a few times because a lot of us didn’t know what the Green Mile was.  And for Chan­cel­lor we also did the dry run a few times.  In prepa­ra­tion for the Golf Course we would train between the Green Mile three times, which is the same dis­tance as the Golf Course, or up and down Chan­cel­lor which is also the same dis­tance.  So let’s say Mon­day we prac­ticed Chan­cel­lor, the Thurs­day we did the Green Mile to ensure we had endurance.

AG: It was more than just train­ing.  It was the girls mostly, as the guys didn’t really go on train­ing, but they were inte­gral to our team’s effort as they had expe­ri­ence in run­ning events out­side of Car­iFin.  It allowed us to bond beyond just the com­pe­ti­tion. We came from dif­fer­ent depart­ments and every­one knew each other before, but after this event now it’s like a cer­tain bond was estab­lished.  We actu­ally tried to main­tain walk­ing once or twice a week after the Games ended… but a bond cre­ated amongst all of us through telling sto­ries and shar­ing expe­ri­ences with each other.  We would have never had the oppor­tu­nity if we didn’t enter this as a team.

CM: What was your favorite mem­ory from the Car­iFin Games?

AG: My favorite mem­ory would prob­a­bly be the actual Fam­ily Day, because all ten of us were there together and we were able to social­ize.  With the other races we didn’t really get to spend time with each other before or after the races.  How­ever, for Fam­ily Day it was all ten of us, plus our extra team mem­bers sup­port­ing and cheer­ing us on in the race.  That was really nice.

We would have been the only team to have all ten mem­bers there.  We really sac­ri­ficed for the Fam­ily Day.  Jere­miah had an exam the next day and showed up lit­er­ally half an hour before the Cross Coun­try race started.  For the Green Mile, Nimah and Robert were not feel­ing well and they still ran the course.  So every­one really gave it their all.  They gave a com­mit­ment and stuck to it.

CM: Where did that deter­mi­na­tion come from?

AG: Peo­ple were cheer­ing us on, plus we walked in groups, so the two walk­ers kept pace with each other.  Then the run­ners paired off and they kept chal­leng­ing each other.  So we were always sup­port­ing each other.  Whomever fin­ished first was at the line encour­ag­ing the others.

CM: Would you credit this new found bond to the team cheerleader?

AG: No, I don’t want to take all the credit.  It was a team effort; it was def­i­nitely a team effort. Every­one had an input.  In terms of the cos­tum­ing, we had a cou­ple mem­bers who researched and called around for places that were sell­ing items.  So it was really a team effort. Then the guys came up with the logo, ban­ner and they did our T-shirts. We car­pooled to make sure every­one had a ride.  They took turns call­ing each other to make sure every sin­gle per­son had a ride to and from the event.  It wasn’t just me.  We always made sure that every sin­gle per­son had a way there.

I did aer­o­bics along­side some CBTT staff mem­bers and my team stood on the side­lines and cheered me on.  It was fun. It was nice to have every­one telling me “yes you can do it”.

You know we get busy with work and life, but this reju­ve­nated our enjoy­ment of exer­cis­ing and being out­doors.  When we were walk­ing up Chan­cel­lor we were bond­ing, we were laugh­ing and hav­ing fun.  We totally for­got about work and any onlooker would swear that we were friends for a long time.  In these times, where it is so com­pet­i­tive and you hardly see women bond­ing, it’s nice to have that female support.

CM: Were there any set­backs along the way?  Was there any point where the team thought that they wouldn’t make it through the Governor’s Challenge?

AG: When we had the few mem­bers who were ill, we thought that we weren’t going to be con­tenders for the Gov­er­nor Chal­lenge, because we would not have had all mem­bers par­tic­i­pat­ing in that event.  Our team cap­tain Robert who was one of the per­sons not feel­ing 100% on the day of the Green Mile, per­se­vered and said that he was still will­ing to do the Green Mile.  Also, on Fam­ily Day, Robert was not feel­ing 100% as well, but he still attended and ensured that he was there to urge us on from the side­lines.  He really wanted to com­pete despite not feel­ing at his best and we lit­er­ally had to force him to sit it out.  But his deter­mi­na­tion that day really moti­vated us; he was inspi­ra­tional as a leader.

CM: Will Team ER be tak­ing up the Governor’s Chal­lenge again next year?

AG: Next year, we may most likely do it again once every­one is fit and ready (chuckles).

Mem­bers of “Team ER, ‘D’ Clin­i­cal Crew”

·         Robert Lopez (team captain);

·         Jere­miah Blackman;

·         Elton Hinds;

·         Mayon Dragon;

·         Rachael Santana;

·         Dana Le Ben;

·         Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri;

·         Liza Brown;

·         Lyndi-Ann Singh; and

·        Amrita Gosine.



Lets Party 3

Car­iFin After Games Cooler Party is here!

It’s cel­e­bra­tion time as Car­iFin Par­tic­i­pants take to the dance floor

The par­tic­i­pants of the Car­iFin Games will be in a cel­e­bra­tory mode as they come together for the 3rd Annual After Games Boat Cruise enti­tled, “I love the 80’s”. We’ll be tak­ing things off the field of play to the dance floor on Sat­ur­day July 9th, 2016 on board the Har­bour Mas­ter at 191 — 193 West­ern main Road, Cocorite, they would come together in a non-competitive envi­ron­ment to meet and greet and cel­e­brate a suc­cess­ful series of events for 2016. Board­ing starts at 7 p.m. and the boat sails from 8 – 11 p.m.

Heera Dookran, Pres­i­dent of the Cen­tral Bank Sports and Cul­tural Club and 2nd place team in the Games agrees with the neces­sity for the event say­ing, “After all the com­pet­i­tive­ness among the Finan­cial Insti­tu­tions, it is now time to cel­e­brate with each other as we were all vic­to­ri­ous in par­tic­i­pat­ing in the 25th anniver­sary of Car­iFin. Team CBTT would be there in full force to cel­e­brate our suc­cess at the games. Cheers to life.”

This cooler fete is not only an after games cel­e­bra­tion time for the par­tic­i­pants but an oppor­tune occa­sion to raise some much needed funds for the Voice of Lupus Foun­da­tion, our char­ity. Rais­ing funds for the Voice of Lupus with our events is always an hon­our for us and some­thing we enjoy doing.


Ali­cia D Duchess

To keep the vibe and energy pump­ing, we’ve invited three celebrity DJ’s. The one and only Clyde the Out­law, res­i­dent DJ on the Har­bour Mas­ter and at 96.1WEFM and we also have elite team Shot Mas­ter J & Devon Matthews. These guys will ensure the crowd stays pumped from sail time to dock­ing. Ali­cia the Duchess has also joined the cast. Undoubt­edly one of the most sought after DJs in the busi­ness today, Duchess is easy-going, charis­matic and engag­ing. Her sets include a vari­ety of gen­res and styles from Soca to Alter­na­tive, Hip-Hop to R&B.

Based on our con­cept of Fun, Fit­ness and Friend­ship, this is an oppor­tu­nity for all the teams to come together as we strengthen bonds across the indus­try. Team Leader of RBL inter­jected with this response, “Over the past three months all teams have worked hard. We have demon­strated our strength, agility, and pas­sion for the Car­iFin Games now it’s time for us to cel­e­brate our suc­cesses at the Car­iFin Boat Ride and Cooler Event!”

Ms. Car­iFin 2016 together with the other Ms. Car­iFin par­tic­i­pants will be part of wel­com­ing Christine Transperantcon­tin­gent as the atten­dees enter the boat for the evening’s pro­ceed­ings. This royal recep­tion to begin this party on the waters is just the begin­ning to the fun the teams of Car­iFin would have as we head to 80’s with a touch of today as we dance the night away. Ms Car­iFin 2016 also gave her endorse­ment, Hi, I am Ms. Car­iFin 2016, Chris­tine Vil­lafana, your host for Car­iFin games 2016 cooler boat cruise. This year we’re tak­ing you back to the 80’s. The com­pe­ti­tion is over and the win­ners have been declared. Now I invite you to join us as we celebrate!”

       For tick­ets, check our bloghttp://carifinonline.com/call-and-get-your-tickets.

And what’s a party with­out prizes? To sweeten the pot a bit we’ll have a num­ber of door prizes. Top of the list is a 40 inch tele­vi­sion spon­sored by Courts. There’ll be other door prizes from AS Brayden’s,  AP Scot and Oscar Fran­cois.  These door prizes would include ham­pers and bottles.

A best dress male and female prize would be awarded to patrons who dress to the 80’s style.

We invite you to join with us on July 9th on board the Har­bour Mas­ter to cel­e­brate this aus­pi­cious occasion.




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Republic Bank Overall Champions

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