Sade Jones

Sade Jones

When 26-year-old bank worker Sade Jones signed up to par­tic­i­pate in the 2016 edi­tion of the Car­iFin Games, she was deter­mined to rep­re­sent her com­pany to the best of her abil­ity.
So deter­mined was she that despite falling ill and expe­ri­enc­ing severe pain on the day of the Miss Car­iFin com­pe­ti­tion, Jones refused to quit and opted to see the com­pe­ti­tion through.
It was this dis­play of deter­mi­na­tion and per­se­ver­ance that earned her the “Spirit of the Games” award.
This spe­cial award is given to two par­tic­i­pants each year, one male and one female, who are deemed to have shown true “grit”, con­sis­tency and deter­mi­na­tion at the Car­iFin games. The award is impor­tant because it not only rec­og­nizes the phys­i­cal feats a par­tic­i­pant is able to accom­plish, but also the char­ac­ter traits that make them stand out.
Last year, Jones was the sole win­ner of the award.
It was the first time in the his­tory of the Games that a par­tic­i­pant had cho­sen to con­tinue on in the com­pe­ti­tion despite feel­ing phys­i­cally unwell.

Jones, who rep­re­sented Jamaica Money Mar­ket Bro­kers (JMMB), par­tic­i­pated in the Car­iFin Games for the first time last year.
And unknown to organ­is­ers, she had been deal­ing with med­ical issues in the lead up to the Games. She had been diag­nosed with a kid­ney stone, which left her in great dis­com­fort. To make mat­ters worse, she had come down with a virus and was feel­ing gen­er­ally unwell.
“It was a phys­i­cal strain on me,” she said dur­ing an inter­view. “It was very painful.”
Jones was advised to sit out the games and “take it easy”.
But she would not quit with­out giv­ing it her best try. “I did not want to let down my insti­tu­tion,” she said. “Peo­ple were depend­ing on me. I had made a com­mit­ment and I wanted to ful­fil that com­mit­ment.
”Indeed, Jones ful­filled her com­mit­ment and placed 4th over­all in the competition.


Sade Jones exe­cutes one of her moves

She deliv­ered a per­for­mance unlike any other and thrilled the crowd with her dance fit­ness rou­tine. The rou­tine con­sisted of ele­ments of African and Latin danc­ing which Jones com­pleted with­out any hint of feel­ing unwell. It was her sheer deter­mi­na­tion that the judges deemed deserv­ing of spe­cial recog­ni­tion.
Jones is proud of being able to over­come her phys­i­cal chal­lenges to com­pete in the Games and prouder still at being selected for the Spirit of the Games award.
“I didn’t expect it. I just went for the expe­ri­ence and to do my best. I was not look­ing for any award or recog­ni­tion,” she said.
Describ­ing her­self as a lover of lit­er­a­ture and read­ing, Jones said her tro­phy now sits in a place of hon­our on her book­shelf, sur­rounded by all her favourite books. The San Fer­nando native added that her par­tic­i­pa­tion in the 2016 games was purely by chance as she was not always into fit­ness events.
Though she dab­bled in sports like gym­nas­tics and swim­ming in her teenage years, she admit­ted that fit­ness was not a focus point in her twen­ties.
“I got lazy,” she laughed. But she has no regrets about par­tic­i­pat­ing in the games. In fact, she lauds Car­iFin for its abil­ity to bring together var­i­ous in


Sade Jones enjoy­ing a game of All Fours

sti­tu­tions that com­pete with each other in the finan­cial market.


And though Jones described her expe­ri­ence in the 2016 games as a fun one, she will unfor­tu­nately not be par­tic­i­pat­ing again in 2017.
As the Car­iFin Games are open only to finan­cial insti­tu­tions and their employ­ees, Jones no longer qual­i­fies for entry since she has since moved on from

JMMB and is now employed in pub­lic rela­tions. She how­ever still wants to be involved as a judge or a men­tor.
“I’d like to still be a part of it, to help in some way,” she said. “Maybe to give advice to other women com­ing in to participate.”She plans to reach out to orga­niz­ers of the event to find out how she can still get involved.



Jil­leta Lan­deau – Best Female Ath­lete of Car­iFin Games 2016




Who is Jil­leta Landeau?

Miss Jil­leta Can­dace Lan­deua at the age of 35 years has taken part in three Car­iFin Games thus far.
This year she was titled Best Female Ath­lete for 2016 and owes it to her past and present efforts. Grow­ing up, Jil­leta attended Prov­i­dence Girls’ Catholic School in Bel­mont, and St. Joseph’s Con­vent, both in Port of Spain. Through­out her sec­ondary school life, she was involved in the sport foot­ball and from then on she’s had the dis­ci­pline and deter­mi­na­tion to exer­cise and stay fit and healthy.

Her accom­plish­ments thus far for the years 2015 and 2016 at the Car­iFin Games are as follows:

  • On Wednes­day, April 22nd 2015 for the “Savan­nah 1 Lap” at Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 39th with the time 18:44
  • On Wednes­day, April 29th 2015 for the “Green Mile” at Inside the Sand Track Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 39th with the time 7:23
  • On Wednes­day, May 6th 2015 for the “Chan­cel­lor Chal­lenge” at Lady Chan­cel­lor Road, Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 18th with the time 16:18
  • On Sun­day, Octo­ber 25th 2015 for the “UWI Spec Inter­na­tional Half Marathon” at UWI St. Augus­tine Cam­pus: Jil­leta placed 415th with the time 2:10:13
  • On Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 28th 2015 for the “Shine Char­ity Walk and Run 10K” at Nel­son Man­dela Park: Jil­leta placed 103rd with the time 54:52
  • On Sun­day, March 6th 2016 for the “River Raid 10 Moun­tain Bike and Trail Run” at Samaan Park, Chaguara­mas: Jil­leta placed 76th with the time 31:26
  • On Wednes­day, April 13th 2016 for the “Savan­nah 1 Lap” at the Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 27th with the time 17:01
  • On Wednes­day, April 27th 2016 for the “Green Mile” at Inside the Sand Track Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 30th with the time 6:44
  • On Wednes­day, May 11th 2016 for the “Chan­cel­lor Chal­lenge” at Lady Chan­cel­lor Road, Queen’s Park Savan­nah: Jil­leta placed 14th with the time 17:39
  • On Sun­day, June 5th 2016 for the “Cross Coun­try and Fam­ily Day” at Sevilla Golf Course, Caroni: Jil­leta placed 2nd with the time 23:39

2016’s “Best Female Ath­lete” cur­rently works at Guardian Life of the Caribbean as a Junior Accoun­tant in the Finance Department.

In an inter­view when asked, ”What did you do to pre­pare for Car­iFin Games 2016?”  Jil­leta responded, “Strength train­ing.”
She con­tin­ued to explain that she attended Long Cir­cu­lar Club Health and Well­ness Gym at Long Cir­cu­lar Mall in St. James three days a week: des­ig­nat­ing two days to upper body train­ing and the other day to legs. These gym ses­sions she attended by her­self with the assis­tance of floor train­ers, how­ever not actu­ally per­sonal train­ers. Other days of the week are spent with a group of like-minded peo­ple known as Five Star Fit­ness Fac­tory; whose mis­sion state­ment is “man­u­fac­tur­ing health­ier lifestyles.” They, together, par­take in out­door activ­i­ties like run­ning, hikes, etc. Jil­leta admits that this helped her times improve from last year to this year for Car­iFin Games’ events.

Apart from Car­iFin Games, Jil­leta par­tic­i­pated in a few other health and fit­ness related events for 2016. True Gains Chal­lenge, Fusion Lite, Hard­core and numer­ous 5K walks to name a few. Fusion Lite, just to men­tion one event, was held on April 16th at Uncle Sam’s in Mara­cus and is hosted by Fusion Adven­ture Races. It basi­cally entails adven­ture races where teams expe­ri­ence road run­ning, steep hill ascent, trail run­ning and descend­ing all in one beau­ti­ful course. This year, the team called Poi­son Ivy that Jil­leta was part of was the first all female team to par­tic­i­pate in the event. They were also the win­ning team.

Back at Car­iFin Games, when Jil­leta heard her name over the inter­com amongst the win­ning announce­ments, she was speech­less. For the title “Best Female Ath­lete of 2016”, only one word came to her mind as she walked up to col­lect her prize, “awe­some.” This was her first ever health and fit­ness related accom­plish­ment on her own; as it’s only been two to three years since she’s been par­tic­i­pat­ing in these events.

When asked the question,

“What would you say to a young lady com­ing into the finan­cial ser­vice indus­try and wants to keep fit?” 

Jil­leta responded, “Keep train­ing, and keep at it with­out giv­ing up. The more you work at it, the more you’ll improve your fitness.”

She even men­tioned that she would def­i­nitely rec­om­mend Car­iFin Games as a worth­while ven­ture to that young lady or even any­one in gen­eral from the finan­cial ser­vice indus­try in Trinidad and Tobago. Adding,

“Yes, and the more events you do the bet­ter you will get at it and the more you’ll improve your fitness.”

Though, when ques­tioned what her per­sonal phi­los­o­phy was and who she was inspired by and could con­fi­dently con­sider a role model, she couldn’t nar­row it down to any one per­son or thing that could describe her total beliefs. How­ever, from this inter­view, it is safe to say that she is con­fi­dent and self-motivated.

With regards to Car­iFin Games, the event itself, Jil­leta appre­ci­ates the chal­lenge. She looks for­ward to the annual event every year since she has started par­tic­i­pat­ing and can’t deny that it is very enter­tain­ing and worth­while. As much as she val­ues the event, there isn’t any­thing she’d change or add as it is “great the way it is now.”

Jil­leta Lan­deau aims to take part in Car­iFin Games again for 2017.
Cur­rently, she isn’t doing any­thing to pre­pare for it as she is on a break from train­ing; no rea­son was given for the break, but she con­firms that she will resume train­ing next year with her pre­vi­ous prepa­ra­tions of attend­ing the gym as in 2016 and work­ing with her Five Star Fit­ness Fac­tory group to con­tinue heavy run­ning ses­sions. And yes indeed, she is com­ing back to defend her title “Best Female Ath­lete” and this time for 2017.

Final words from Jil­leta from this inter­view, a mes­sage to the gen­eral pub­lic about enjoy­ing life and stay­ing healthy,

“Get up, keep mov­ing, take care of your body and don’t give up!”





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