‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”

‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6. Jean- Paul Alfonso Drakes aka Drakes is living proof and testament of this great scripture. Perhaps it is the determination and the drive that he has demonstrated since his school days at both the primary and secondary level, and even now he still devotes time to his natural born capabilities in the track and field arena. Drakes is currently employed at Republic Bank Limited and he also studies Physical Education at the University of the West Indies. Entering the CariFin games for the first time, he now holds not one, but two of the spotlights at the CariFin Games 2017 where he placed first in both the 1 Lap Savannah and the Green Mile competitions. It is safe to say that with motivation, commitment, dedication and a love and desire for what you do anything is possible.

After thirteen years in the track and field Drakes made some great achievements and self-discoveries. Placing second in an 800m race at his St Margaret’s Anglican Primary School Sports in 2004 was his jump starter. Onlookers saw his natural ability in the sport and it was here that he was introduced to Coach Stewart of Memphis Pioneers Athletic Club by Ms. Campbell. As he puts it, “from that day on  I haven’t stop running.” Some of his other achievements include; awarded a certificate for outstanding performance in Track and Field at Trinity College East where he attended, third place overall male for Secondary School cross country 2011 and 6th fastest 1500m for NAAA Track and Field 2016. First place in the One Lap Savannah run with a time of 14:56 and first place for the Green Mile with a winning time of 5:01. Jean-Paul also participated in swimming but he always had a desire for track and field in particular distance running.

Inevitably, the amount of years spent in the sport of track and field and distance running has also taught Drakes some valuable life lessons; (1) never give up and never lose faith, (2) consistent training in strength and endurance is essential, (3) maintaining a healthy and balanced diet goes a long way with a little of the delicacies from time to time after all he lives in Trinidad. In addition, (4) a closer relationship with God and deepening his faith has helped him become a better all-round individual. “I have experienced a breakthrough, taking a step closer to my faith and understanding that there is more to life than selfish pleasures or pride.” (5)Having people that inspire you definitely helps to uplift and give the extra drive. Drakes has mentors Collin Jeron Pereira and Shirvan Baboolal, who are among the top distance runners in Trinidad and Tobago.(6)Your health is your wealth- as an active sports man he also has an annual sports check-up.

His personal motto “I can and I will” has definitely brought Drakes a long way. He hopes to win CariFin 2017 and sometime in the near future represent Trinidad and Tobago and his family in the Olympic Games. He believes his participation in the CariFin Games is a stepping stone to this dream as it will help him to determine where he is and where he needs to be. To his fellow competitors in the CariFin Games and general individuals in the financial sector his advice is to get and stay actively involved in fitness sessions, all the best in the games and never give up!

Jean-Paul has certainly proved to be a committed, hardworking and God fearing athlete both on and off the field. Congratulations in your successes thus far and with that spirit we are confident that you will continue to reach higher heights in your dreams and aspirations all while having fun, keeping fit and making friends at the same time. All the best to you and……. May the fastest man win!!


The Hill is Next

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Don’t Miss Chancellor Challenge

Come and witness history, let’s see if the current top performers in the 1 Lap Savannah and the Green Mile would be dethroned by another more determined dark horse. Can the dream team, Jean Paul Drakes and Abijah Ronaldo Nelson-Phillip of Republic Bank Ltd (RBL) in the male run do the triple/double for RBL and make it 1st and 2nd in this third event, on the hill?

For the female run, the winner of the last two events and arguably the strongest opponent, Central Bank’s (CBTT) Salina Scott seems determined enough and likely to be the one to make it to the top, as 1st place finisher among the women. Christine Regis had it easy in placing 2nd  in the two previous events for ANSA Financial Services but does she have what it takes to hold on to that position on the Chancellor Climb? CBTT’s consistent Chelsea-Ann Phillip, could she maintain that critical 3rd position for CBTT?

Could Tessa Weekes also of RBL go unbeaten on the hill in the walking category? Could she be joined in the top 3 by Michelle Redon-Girod, and the 1 Lap winner and the 3rd place finisher in the Green Mile for the Male version of the Walk – Gian Corbie to secure RBL’s dominance so far in the Games?

JMMB was brought into the top three positions in the running category for the first time in the series, their representative Derrick Perousa made his first appearance for JMMB and unleashed a fast finishing kick with Phillip to take 3rd place, but the succinct question is, can he perform better on the hill? Only next Wednesday would reveal. Guardian Group’s representatives Atiba King completed the Green Mile in 10:44, capping 1st place in the male walking category with his colleague Anastacia Logie placing 2nd for the females. Could Guardian Group retain their place on this climb and more importantly keep Guardian Group in the hunt?  All of these questions would be answered on April 26th 2017, on the Hill?


New Gathering point for Chancellor Challenge

April 25, 2017

Hi Guys, yesterday while doing a site visit on Chancellor Hill, we thought about the aspect of space for the pre-race and admin parts of the race and how we could make it safer. Arvind Teemul one of our team members looked around and suggested if we could get the Zoo car park that would […]

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Green Mile Action

April 23, 2017

Scott, Weeks and Drakes doubles Atiba King and Anastasia Logie shines for Guardian Group An evening of Excitement as runners and walkers cross the tape   The excitement and thrill of the Green Mile were at a high pitch as the Financial Services Sector came out for the second race of the four event series […]

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How they ran in the 1 Lap Savannah

April 20, 2017

First Timer steals show, Former 3rd place female finisher rises to the occasion Weeks stamps her authority in the walk, Former runner now walking champion An appreciative crowd on hand to support their teams Members of the financial services sector were beaming with excitement, support, and pride for their teams as they converged on the […]

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Catch All the Green Mile Action

April 19, 2017

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Scan Your Chip

April 19, 2017

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Get Ready for the Green Mile

April 17, 2017

The Green Mile – Get the Heads Up   The Green Mile is a very unique and special event for us it is literally the only event I ran in that gave me that real feeling of highly structure racing. What do I mean by that, you see I used to run at track meets […]

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