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In spite of the showers and overcast conditions, the CariFin Games volunteers were happy to receive their tokens, meet up with their fellow volunteers as well as the opportunity to win several exciting door prizes which were up for grabs.

Members of the CariFin Volunteer Academy were in high spirits as they gathered inside the Central Bank, 3rd floor on Saturday, October 21, 2017, from 6.00 p.m.

Members of the CariFin Volunteer Academy who were part of the team that managed and produced the 2017 Games, came together in a function that was meant to say thank you and show appreciation for their 2017 contributions. This was the first event in which the organizing committee tried to bring the volunteers together in one place after the Games to celebrate the volunteer’s involvement and recognize those who made the extra effort to be present at various events which made the Games a success.

President of the CariFin Games – Mr. Wayne Roberts emphasized the point when he said “ I am excited to welcome everyone to the first Volunteer Appreciation Function which gives us the opportunity to meet-up and share our heart felt thanks and appreciation to the volunteers.”

It is always said that volunteer work is thankless and usually goes un-appreciated but as far as CariFin Games is concerned we were ready to address this age old problem of volunteerism and really have an evening together where we shared experiences of both the volunteers who took part in the program as well as hear from some of the Games winners, who would have been direct beneficiaries of the volunteer’s contributions. Victra George spoke on behalf of the volunteers, as the other person scheduled to share their experience was unavoidably absent due to the flu. From the winner’s side – Tessa Weeks – the unbeaten champion walker for 2017 had her say and champion aerobics male winner – Stephan Thomas chipped in with his experience about the volunteers and the Games.

Tessa Weekes expressed her feelings saying, “During the games, participants sometimes never get the opportunity to say thanks to all those who offer assistance, no matter the size of the contribution. So today on behalf of the participants I offer you the volunteers my heartfelt thanks for the excellent job that you do and hope for your continued support of the games.

The top performers among the volunteers, who were present namely – Julia Powell, Daniella Daniel and Victra George received trophies made out of Acrylic, 2017 cups and certificates of appreciation.

The other volunteers received 2017 cups and certificates of appreciation.

Also holding a high level of importance on the evening program was the introduction of a Brand Ambassador – Mr. Nikosi Mc Leish (5-time cross country title holder). As part of giving back to the Games, Mr Mc Leish will be joining forces with the CariFin team to help promote the Games and bring more participants on board.

The door prizes segment was quite interactive and fun as there were prizes to give away on the evening. These included two sports bags, a bottle, a folding chair from Nature Valley, two cash vouchers from Kenny’s Sports Centre, and hampers. The cash vouchers and chair were used as prizes for a quiz strictly for Volunteers which asked CariFin questions. The other prizes were used for a game called ‘Hot Potato” where all persons present, volunteer and non-volunteer, could participate. COSTAATT students Pashan Patrick and Renee Grant who are doing their internship with CariFin Games produce and managed this aspect of the program and did a very good of it as it generated a level of energy and excitement that was in contrast to the overcast outside weather conditions.

In the end there was a feeling of joy and gratitude, as we as a team was able to come together to say thank you to the most important people who we were able to count on to help make the 2017 Games a successful and memorable event. For once we felt that CariFin could do and achieve so much more if we as a team continue to purposely work and collaborate together.

The organizing committee would like to sincerely thank Quality Commercial Interiors for giving their support and sponsoring the event and helping to make the CariFin Volunteer Appreciation possible.


Cherisse Oliver Representing Team Sagicor 2017

I am an advocate for health and wellness. Participating and winning the title for the fittest person in the financial industry 2017 was in the Aerobic Burn out was fulfilling and unexpected since I competing against myself. After this event, staff and agents will always tell me that they felt so proud seeing me on television and in the newspapers and that they are motivated to achieve an active lifestyle and perhaps participate in Carifin 2018.

It was a pleasure to be part of a venture which promoted fitness organizations, particularly in the fast-paced sector of the financial industry. I believe that focus/investment in the wellbeing of the human resource of a company goes hand in hand with employee commitment and productivity within an organization. My experience in representing Ms. Sagicor for the Ms. Carifin pageant will always be a memorable one because it was the first time that Sagicor had ever participated in MS Carifin Pageant.

Moreover, encouraging staff and family to turn out and support on Sunday 28th May 2017. I was able to inspire and motivate staff of varying fitness levels to participate in the dance routine. This was reflected in Sagicor having the highest of participants in the dance routine. We were able to sharpen our time management skills given our commitments at work as well with family and friends.

During every rehearsal, staff was able to forge stronger bonds within departments at Sagicor since we were all from varying departments and create awareness and interest of Carifin among our friends and family. As an individual, I felt honored and appreciated since I had one hundred support from my team and organization. If anyone was supposed to ask the meaning of teamwork and team spirit, I will reflect on my experience at Ms. Carifin 2017.

An interview with Cherisse Oliver after winning 2017 – Aerobics competition –  Click to see


Tessa Weekes at Volunteers Appreciation Function

November 1, 2017

Tessa Weekes at CariFin Volunteer Appreciation Function My name is Tessa Weekes – a CariFin participant and Walking Champion. I am pleased to be here today to relay thanks to the volunteers for their support at the games. Volunteers are a special group of individuals who give of their time and talents for little reward […]

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Who Are The Champions

October 4, 2017

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Thank You To All Our Sponsors

October 3, 2017

We would sincerely like to thank all our sponsors who were not participating institutions in CariFin Games 2017  

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The Two Fastest Runners in the Series

August 22, 2017

Though they didn’t end up with the accolades of the overall champions of the CariFin Games 2017, Salina Scott and Jean Paul Drakes dominated the Urban Challenge events. The One Lap Savannah, Green Mile and Chancellor Challenge are three events which make up the Urban Challenge and take place in Port-of-Spain and the environs, before […]

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Free Shots

July 29, 2017

  Free Bloody Mary Shots for early arrivals Early arrivals would receive free bloody mary shots.   Please try and arrive early to secure your free shots  

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