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O What a Run!

by carifinman · 3 comments

CariFin Podcast Show notes – Saturday, October 03, 2009

Today theme is “O what ah run!”

I will like to thank our main sponsor Nature Valley. This is the 3rd year they are with us and I sincerely want to thank them….. After a run, or when I am feeling for snack I turn to nature valley Granola bars. Great nutrition mix …great taste.

What’s on today;

We have the news

My brief banter…………….

Tip of the week…………………..

Quote of the week…………………….

And links…. of the week.

And what coming up

Next week show

Registration is taking place for UWI SPEC International Half Marathon at most First Citizens Banks across Trinidad and Tobago.

We at CariFin is taking the opportunity to have our 100 team runners registered for the big event so when the 1000 mark for the race is reach or before the end of registration on October 23, we all will have our numbers to pin on vest on race day.

In this year’s UWI SPEC race they have tried and catered for groups like us (a request we had made last year) to offer a prize or prizes for a group category. From what I have seen in the press release a team would consist of at least 15 runners. A prize for the top 10 finishers – with the best aggregate time within a group would be declared the winners and what I heard mention from Dr. Gloudon is that they are looking for a team prize for the team with the most participants.

Next week Sunday October 13, we again hit the UWI course to get a feel and gauge our time and psychological response to the course.

The next Saturday is Kiss 15K October 17 and we are asking our participants to try and participate to get accustom to race day gitters.

The savannah – the number one recreation and sporting area in the Caribbean is full of activities as it relates to running and you can be sure a considerable amount of people is gearing up their training towards UWI half.

Our weekly training continues on Tuesday’s and Thursday at 5.00 pm

All runner/walkers are asked to assembly opposite memorial Park on the strip Upper Frederick St. in the Savannah.

This is part of our 8 week training program to get participants race sharp and ready for the event on Sunday November 01, 2009. For more information please call me at 487 9487

Brief Banter

It is time for my brief banter or opinion on things running.

With dry run one out of the way we had a 2 week gap to rather work hard at improving our efficiency and fitness and taking on the course again. From all indications the people in group would be going with the intent to do faster times.

I am really please with the attitude of the group if is the extra mile, the higher intensity in running the hills, or just the commitment to come out and train when they don’t feel like it.

The composition of the team is quite interesting with biggest sub-grouping so far coming from RBTT, then we got to CBTT, but we have team members from GHL, Intercommercial, RBL, UTC, CLICO, Grace Kennedy and CITI together with friends and family of the group.

Oh what a run.
Our Run up Chancellor was invigorating and refreshing if you could say that about a hill but at the top everyone was satisfied with performance and wanted to improve much more on the hill. I was amazed by some of the times seeing only once we went up chancellor before.

When we came back to the bottom of the hill some ran 1 1/2 and some 2 ½.  aps

It was a great piece of commitment to their improvement and thus participation in UWI haf.

At the end we gave jokes or stories about our running experiences. Drinking Gatorade and eating nature Valley Granola Bars. What a great morning run that was.

It registration time and we are asking all the participants to make the effort and get their ID in to us and signed waivers.

Again very important to us is the fact that we are we are using our efforts here to raise funds for our charity – Lupus society of Trinidad and Tobago.

Half marathon tip of the week:
Examine the course map to determine where mile markers are along with aid stations, portable toilets and medical support. You may not need the latter, but it’s good information to know. Don’t worry about the weather; it’s something you can’t control.
Hal Hidgon

Quote of the week:
When people ask me why I run, I tell them, there’s not really a reason, it’s just the adrenalin when you start, and the feeling when you cross that finish line, and know that you are a winner no matter what place you got.
Courtney Parsons

Link of the week
1. The Evolving Art of Carbo-loading
The practice of carbo-loading dates back to the late 1960s. The first carbo-loading protocol was developed by a Swedish physiologist named Gunvar Ahlborg after he discovered a positive relationship between the amount of glycogen (carbs stored in the muscles and liver) in the body and endurance performance.

Scientists and runners had already known for some time that eating a high-carbohydrate diet in the days preceding a long race enhances performance, but no one knew exactly why until Ahlborg’s team zeroed in on the glycogen connection.

Subsequently, Ahlborg discovered that the muscles and liver are able to store above-normal amounts of glycogen when high levels of carbohydrate consumption are preceded by severe glycogen depletion. The most obvious way to deplete the muscles of glycogen is to eat extremely small amounts of carbohydrate. A second way is to engage in exhaustive exercise.

The stress of severe glycogen depletion triggers an adaptive response by which the body reduces the amount of dietary carbohydrate that it converts to fat and stores, and increases the amount of carbohydrate that it stores in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Ahlborg referred to this phenomenon as glycogen super-compensation. Armed with this knowledge, he was able to create a more sophisticated carbo-loading protocol than the primitive existing method, which was, more or less, eating a big bowl of spaghetti.

The Ahlborg Method
Ahlborg came up with a seven-day carbo-loading plan in which an exhaustive bout of exercise was followed by three or four days of extremely low carbohydrate intake (10 percent of total calories) and then three or four days of extremely high carbohydrate intake (90 percent of total calories).

Trained athletes who used this protocol in an experiment were able to nearly double their glycogen stores and exhibited significantly greater endurance in exercise lasting longer than 90 minutes.

The Ahlborg
Carbo-Loading Method

  1. Perform an exhaustive workout one week before a long race (90 minutes-plus).
  2. Consume a very low-carb diet (10%) for the next 3-4 days while training lightly.
  3. Consume a very high-carb diet (90%) the next 3-4 days while continuing to train lightly.

The No-Depletion
Carbo-Loading Method

  1. Perform a long workout (but not an exhaustive workout) one week before race day.
  2. Eat normally (55-60% carbohydrate) until three days before a longer race.
  3. Eat a high-carb diet (70%) the final three days before racing while training very lightly.

The Western Australia
Carbo-Loading Method

  1. During the pre-race week, eat normally while training lightly until the day before a longer race.
  2. On the morning of the day before the race, perform a very brief, very high-intensity workout.

When you exercise vigorously almost every day, your body never gets a chance to fully replenish its glycogen stores before the next workout reduces them again. Only after 48 hours of very light training or complete rest are your glycogen levels fully compensated. Then the Western Australia carbo-loading regimen can be used to achieve glycogen supercompensation.

What coming Up!

Date – Sunday 18 October 2009 – Kiss 15K Distance 15 Km (9.32 miles) – Start Memorial Park, Queen’s Park Savannah

Date Sat. October 24, 2009 – CBTT 5K

Date Sunday 01 November 2009 – Distance Half Marathon (21.1 km) (13.1 miles) – Time

6.00 am –

What in next week show.

Getting ready for dry run 11.

We look at some interviews with the participants and check our show notes at www.carifinonline.com

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