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Biggest news in CariFin 2009

by carifinman · 0 comments

Biggest news in CariFin for 2009

CariFin 2009 comes into reflective view as the year comes to an end, it’s clear that it produced varied results; in some instances it was easy to predict the winners or the outcome, but in some instances there were the surprise winners.
As per usual it was a long hard season if we want to call it that and coming with that, there are quite a number of interesting scenarios… results… situations.
I would just like to retrospect on 2009 as we try to evaluate which is the biggest news item in CariFin for 2009.

nikosiTo kick things off the biggest news headline of the year for CariFin would be Nikosi Mc Leish of RBTT Bank winning the male cross country title for the third consecutive time and joining the select group of cross country runners who was able to pull this off.
On his way to the title he won all the running events of the Urban Challenge.

On the other side of the coin female runner Crystal Ann Awai of GHL Crstal Ann Awai & Denzil Coxstunned everyone at the One Lap Savannah by opening the season with a win, she lost the Green Mile, returned to win the Chancellor challenge and ran probably the hardest race in her life to that date and again surprise everyone and won the female cross country title of CariFin.

CariFin actually started off with a Torch Run, the Torch is taken on a journey from Central bank Port of Spain to Republic Bank Couva – (just outside Sevilla).
C Ku mar, S Nicholls & N BaptisteThe main news coming out of that event is the coming out of teams with their senior managers. Central Bank brought out Dr. Nicholls and Ms. Joan John deputy Governors of the Central bank. RBTT Bank had Ms. Katherine Kumar then Country Head of RBTT Bank. Nigel Baptiste – Executive Director of Republic Bank was part of the line – up for republic bank. Grace Kennedy senior person was Ms. Lisa …..
On the road, the actual taking of the Torch along the course to its final resting place, some stars emerged…. By stars I mean people who did extra ordinary things on the day. Mumtaz Amarali and Clint Adiah of Republic Bank ran the whole course from Port of Spain to Couva.
Mumtaz may have been off her feet for short periods but Clint ran all the legs of the torch run.

In the one lap savannah in the male category, there was much of a doubt who would win this category.  Nikosi Mc Leish sealed up things from almost the start of the race and he ended up with a time of 13.13.

Crystal Ann Awai won quite easily and surprisingly in 18. 58 from Angela Parris who placed second in 19.20, and in 3rd place was Mumtaz Amarali in 19.21.

The Green Mile was short and quick the first man to finish was again Nikosi Mc Leish, he was able to circumnavigate the course in 5.10, Jean Marc De Boulet of First Citizens did 5.45 and Gilford Mornix with 5.54.

Wendy D’arbasie of CBTT seems to like the green, softer terrain and ran away from the pack in 7.08. Her colleague Esla Anthony did 7.20 to finish in second spot and Mumtaz Amarali of Republic Bank did 7.22 for 3rd place.
As expected at the Chancellor Challenge – Nikosi Mc Leish was too strong and fast for the rest of the pack and reach to the top in 13.11, the new kid on the block Jean Marc De Boulet of First Citizens managed 14.40 for the hill and Gilford Mornix of GHL again in third place with 14. 48.

Crystal Ann Awai left no doubt in people’s minds as to her ability to handle the competition of the financial services sector on the day and clearing the idea that she was just a flash in the pan when she again top the female category with 18.24, followed by Wendy D’arbasie of CBTT in 19:05. Mumtaz Amarali of Republic Bank finished in 19.16 coming in third.

The Chancellor Challenge, a replacement to the mini cross country in the Hollows at the Queen Park Savannah for 2009, was able to attract the attention and imagination of a larger number of the participants.

Mumtaz Amarali determination and patience paid off big at the end of the fourth event of the Urban Challenge when she finished first in an excited contest in the aerobic burnout. In second place was Angela Parris of CLICO and third was Falomi Marcano of First Citizens.
Gilford Mornix finishes first among the male competitors, followed by Adrian Guy.

An increase in participation was noted for the first event of the Urban Challenge, 240 participants took part in the One Lap Savannah. 152 were runners and 88 were walkers, in 2008 the participation figure was 192, running was 131 and walking was 61.

Cricket, small goal football and All Fours took place at Republic Bank grounds in Barataria. This event was an opportunity for the financial institutions to show who have the best team in the above mentioned sports.
Republic Bank showed that they were strong and unbeatable on the day in cricket as they walked away as champs in the CariFin wind-ball cricket competition.
CITI came with a side to the small goal competition which they figure was too good to be beaten by any team in the competition and they were accurate. Taking 1st place so easily, it may not have looked fair.
In the All Fours competition the day belonged to Intercommercial Bank who held off every attempt to topple them by the other teams in the competition to finally prevail as champion of the financial services sector in All Fours.

On the Big Day.
This year’s event was without a doubt a more compact and better organized Family Day and Cross Country.
The action started at 11.00 am instead of the projected 10.00 am start.
The kids for the first time had a march pass which was novel and exciting as the schools and homes seemed to enjoy themselves more and more.
The adult’s novelty had the excitement and fun to hold the attention of the participants and spectators alike.

Ms. CariFin
Ms. CariFin 09CBTT made it a second time in a row with Ms. Melissa Mc Allister pulling off a very popular win over the other participating institutions.
Ms. Catherine Kumar the then President of BATT and Country Head of RBTT Bank was on hand to crown Ms. Mc Allister as Ms. CariFin 2009.

Hazel Tywang-Maharaj of RBTT Bank won the women walking event and Hollis Granville of GHL top the men.

The male cross country race – Nikosi Mc Leish wrap things up by making it three in a row in a time of 25.31, Gilford Mornix turn the tables on Jean Marc Deboulet to finish second in 26.36. Third place was taken by yet another GHL team member Ian Gibbs who had improved from the Urban Challenge to edge out John Donaldson to 4th place.

In the female cross country Crystal Ann Awai was able to hold on to first place in a time of 25.01. Angela Parris of CLICO 2008 winner came in second in a time of 26.05, when asked about her experience running the race, she smiled and said, “If winning means doing ones best, then I am a winner.”
In third place was Mumtaz Amarali of Republic Bank in a time of 26.33. Then in fourth we got Candice Rollock of GHL with a time 27.24.

Big team winners on the Family Day went to First Citizens with over 150 green colored uniform at Sevilla. In second place was Grace Kennedy with over 100 red colored uniforms on show.

Best Tent
Intercommercial Bank won best tent for CariFin 2009,

Team captain of the year came from first Citizens – Mr. Dale Mohammed. Dale is a committee member who besides attending and functioning as committee member in helping organize the actual event, would avail himself to site visits to see how the actual preparation for the events are coming along. He was able to bring out his staff to the events and maintain a high level of participation throughout. On the family day he was able to bring in branches from Tobago and other remote areas across Trinidad and Tobago.

UWI Half: Rodney Julien and Nicole Budd was top performers for CariFin at UWI half marathon this year. They both posted new marks for both the men and women category.
Rodney did 1.25 and Nicole 1.43.

Run Barbados: RBTT BANK won the corporate relay in Run Barbados for the second consecutive year when they took a team of 14 runners to the weekend event from December 04 – 07 2009.

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