The return of the spirit of athleticism in CBTT The return of the spirit of athleticism in CBTT |

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The return of the spirit of athleticism in CBTT

by carifinman · 0 comments

Symbol of running

You could have felt something missing over the past decade, like the soul of the institution calling for restoration. The athletic history of this institution was not being created or recorded, like it did not exist, like it was not appreciated.  Did the present play makers have selective memories, or probably did not know about the days of Fatima or St. Mary’s Grounds when Central Bankers use to have real Sports Days there.

The days when the heroes shone, when we held in pride, those who were crowned 1st , 2nd and 3rd over the 100 meters for that year, or when all the long distance runners would line up for the 1 mile race or the fastest walkers after 2 laps to earn their respective titles.

Those were the days when we “limed” or came together and sports talk would fill the air, when certain people would have the bragging rights to particular titles. These were the times when illustrious stories of triumph and defeat would be mixed with far out imaginings and told with such gusto that in the end it served only to stretch the truth; however, in the end we all knew who were the true champions, the sporting heroes and stars. They were revered, appreciated and sometimes celebrated.

This gave individuals, the normal rank and file a feeling of pride, of personal achievement and approval from their peers for quite a while after sports day which served to build camaraderie and friendship.  So you see real sports – sports where you demonstrate skill, talent, sweat and ability – had its place in the history and life of CBTT.

Now this has been replaced with the much trendier  activities of  novelty events and fun games, so the real sports person who has churned out their skill in pain and sweat had to give way to “pelt de pan”, “slip and slide” and ”Scotsman Race”.  The sports grounds and stadia are now home for jesters and comedian.

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Sports & Cultural Club is staging its first 5K on October 24 2009 for staff and family, with this it is hoped that sports will make a reappearance, a re-emergence or at least a return albeit to some degree.  At this 3.1 miles distance, we can have a race; it can be established in history who was the fastest in the Bank, either runner or walker.

The Bank has a cadre of young men and women who are working out at the beautiful indoor gym facilities, adding the Queen’s Park Savannah run for aerobic endurance and efficiency, and the Chancellor hill for strength. There is a group training under the gym instructor, Carlos for a while now and it would be good to see who would excel among these groups.

Let the tension and electrical excitement at the starting line infect all participants, let them gain confidence as the race continues and after 17 to 22 minutes let them kick for home to see who is fit to wear the crown of champion 5K runner(s) in CBTT .  This would create a buzz in the bank and congratulations would flow because of the results.

Probably this event could open the doors to the staging of more events and competition among staff, even spreading out to the financial sector and national circuit, sending a message to the sport administrators that the population of the Bank which are younger, active and are attracted to outdoor activities, would spur our decision makers to host more serious Sports Days

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