Running with your foot ahead of body or heel striking Running with your foot ahead of body or heel striking |

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Running with your foot ahead of body or heel striking

by carifinman · 0 comments

Running with your foot ahead of body or heel striking

It’s the beginning of the New Year, the beginning of a new decade and for some of us who are in the sports of running for a while and have suffered from some kind of nagging running injury it is a good idea to make some fundamental changes to your running and running technique.

Some runners have dreams of fulfilling their true potential as runners but the ugly face of running injury just seems to get in the way.

Probably it is the basic assertion that running is a skill that you need to learn should be at the forefront of your mind and not the misconception that running is something you were born with and as such it was not meant to be upgraded, improve and be refined.

Running efficiently is something that we should all look at as we progress along the way to enjoying and improving our running.

This article is a first installment in a series of seven that would bring to the forefront the issue of the importance of paying attention to running technique and shed some light on how to prevent running injuries.

I must say from the get go that my body of information is coming from pose method of running. Injuries from running has plaque my running career and must have been the Achilles heel in me never attaining my dreams of running achievement many as I am sure for many others.

I have spend over 5 years just almost daily studying the benifits of running technique thus removing myself from the running injury list for almost many of the major running injuries to a place where I have been running with out injuries for a very long time….

So it is from this back ground of learning and study that I am presenting this series.

Just recently and issue in running – more specifically bare-foot running have hug the headlines and have occupy the forums and chat rooms and not seeming to be exhausting itself quickly

Adding momentum to the already hot topic around the running forums on the net is the book Born to run by Chris McDougall – while ostensibly the story of Mexico’s Tarahumara Indians—who run barefoot or in tire-tread huaraches—controversial chapters in the book conclude that running shoes have done little to prevent injuries.

Albeit the above indicated controversy my task is to point out to you how some better understanding of bio-mechanical facts and it application could totally change your painful, slow running experience into one that you can apply, tweek, implement and practice to have a better year and decade of running and hopefully as a society see a more healthy and probably faster set of runners coming from Trinidad and Tobago and being able to take on the rest of the Caribbean runner who seems to be dominating the local road racing scene at present.

To start of things I would like us to look at running with your foot ahead of your body. This forms a major problem for runners and is the main cause of running injuries and slow running.

Running with your ahead of your body is considered dangerous because of the jarring impact it has on the body….if you heelstrike… it is also inefficient, since landing heel first while running, actually produces a braking effect….and here I was thinking that you want to run? Then why are you acting like you’re trying to stop with every step you take?

Majority of runners have never learned to run because everybody can put their shoes on and out the door they go… Whatever training a few underwent was never technique oriented. More reading on the subject of heel striking from the Runner’s World Forums

Let us compare heel striking versus landing on the forefront of the foot as shown on the video below.

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