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CBTT 5 K Review

by carifinman · 0 comments

CBTT 5 K Review

marathn startCBTT 5K on Saturday October 24, 2009 promises to be a great race. Since it has been announced the running and fitness community within the bank has just been talking “You running de 5K?”… “Ah hope you running?”

So staff and family are all poised and filled with anticipation for this long over due 5K. The gym has been abuzz with talk of this run and from what I have heard everyone who has ever walked the Savannah has signed up.

Even Governor Ewart Williams on Wednesday morning challenged me in the 5K. “I promised him that if he is there, then I am in.”

The runners to look out for are Adrian Guy; he enjoys pushing himself and trying new things as it relates to running. He is a regular around the Savannah and at present his personal time for the Savannah is a sub 15 minutes, he could be a factor in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position.

Shawn Edwards has been part of Carlos’ training group for a while; he took part in Fusion and is in training for UWI half marathon which makes him a prominent feature in the mix. I know of someone who has their money on Shawn but we will see. (o.k. Kerwin put yuh money where yuh mouth is!)

Lester Paul is new to the running scene but has a good entry 5K time of 21 minutes and it should be interesting to see as the early part of the race unfold with this kind of talent on the starting line how it would develop as they no doubt would be jostling for an early position.

Kerri De Gannes hopefully not injured should have a good showing over the 3.1 mile distance.

A runner from the early days Michael Lucess (Granny Lucess son) though not in the fore front recently, is willing to give a good account of his lineage in this 5K.

Let’s not forget Keston Wright the one time winner of CariFin Fun Run who would prefer a short run like this and his natural speed could well take him over this course ahead of many people who run regularly.

Then of course there is me. (Wayne Roberts) What can you expect from me…?  I would start with the group, try to hold a strategic position and let it build-up and flow as it is only a 5K, so the person who has reserves for the last quarter and is not afraid to push or the burn would cross the finish line first.

businesspeole runningIn an event like this, however, there is an uncertainty issue in that there may be a family member that could hit the ball out of the park… (Bad analogy for a running event) but an outsider may be of a higher caliber and could just run away with the whole thing and create a kind of anti climax to all the build up, but that is the nature of competition anyone can win.

So who are some of the suspects, Mayon’s son – Keston Charles has been participating in all of the Bank’s, as well as CariFin’s sporting events. As well as there is Sharon LeMaitre’s nephew – Kyle, I heard the young man could give you a sub 18 minutes for the 5K, it would be good to see what they could add to the competitive pie, especially since none of the home grown stars have a resume closely resembling that, you may be in for a family member walking away with the 5K prize.

So would the race management team give a special prize to the family member and declare a CBTT member as winner in the case where the family member crosses the finish line first or allow the results to stand as it is and award the prizes across the board or come after and create special categories. I wish these scenarios would have been look at before.

In the female category we have two runners who have been hotting up the place. Esla Anthony placing 2nd in her age group and Wendy D’Arbasie 3rd in her age group in the recently concluded Kiss 15K. So the toss-up for 1st and 2nd would be between these two, the hungrier would win. There are some new staff members who could possibly make there mark as well; this would be good to see.

Chelsea Phillips should give a good account of herself among the women and should hold on to third place.

But then again it is a family affair and someone out of the institution could cross the finish line first so let factor in Petrenie Roberts “family” from long time and a runner of some note. Wendy and Esla was in front of her for the Kiss 15K but this makes a real race of it to see if a family member would win and in this case mother and son as Klye is Petrenie’s son.

Well it was fun speculating, I hope everyone comes out and have fun as racing is meant to be. See you all on Saturday morning at 7.00 am at the starting line at the corner of St. Vincent and Independence Square south.

The race route starts at Independence Square, then heads up Edwards St. make a right turn on Gordon St. then left turn on Chancery Lane, right on Keate St. then left onto Frederck St. left again to Queen Park Savannah, left turn and down Cipriani Blvd. and Colville St. left on to Aripita Ave. across Park Street, right on St. Vincent St. and head for home.

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