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What More –After Four Straight!!!

by carifinman · 0 comments

What More –After Four Straight!!!

Nikosi Mc Leish winning at Sevilla

When Nikosi Mc Leish crossed the finish line at Sevilla Golf Course – Couva on Sunday June 05, 2010 in the 19th Edition of the CariFin Games  cross country race… It marked a quadruple of wins for this RBTT Bank Athlete.

Mc Leish’s fortunes in CariFin have been phenomena! He started in CariFin somewhere in 2006. He could only manage a top 10 placing in a rather modest field. His stay outside the magical top three circle was not long, rather it was more like a catchment area, a nurturing point for what  turned out to be his assault on the CariFin championship title. One that ensured him the  momentum and power to last at least  four years.

In 2010 he started off his CariFin campaign by showing his superiority and intent by crushing the competition and improving his 2009 one lap savannah time of 13.13 by 30 seconds and finishing in 12.43.  It was to herald his domination of the 2010 Urban Challenge running events.  He took  home the trophy for the series and along the way he set brand new marks.

At the final running event in the CariFin games  men’s Cross country at the Sevilla golf Course – Couva, everyone waited with baited breath to see if he could rack – up another win to make it four in a row. He didn’t disappoint!

In the process he joined the distinguished company of Curtis Cox and Lander Rodney as runners  capturing  four wins in CariFin. They are followed by Joel Bharrat of First Citizens being a three- time winner of CariFin mens’ cross country.

Nikosi Mc Leish has gracefully given up competing in the Urban Challenge. This will allow someone new to step up to the plate and capture victory, fame and glory and probably lead on to greater things in CariFin.

As my headline reads – What’s More–After Four Wins?

For the average athlete being out in the limelight for so long, having been the talking point… the point of speculation …. This might have led to burnout,  complacency and the difficulty to motivate oneself to have that “One Big Push” to capture new frontiers.

Right now Mc Leish is sitting on the edge of what could be called a precipice … entering a new territory for which there is no other human account of what lays on the other side. Therefore he probably would be setting new, higher standards.
He could become the first  man to record five victories in a row in CariFin Games  mens’ cross country event, if he can pull off yet another win in 2011.  That would be very difficult to repeat in the future.. Thereby entrenching and weaving himself deeply into the history and fabric of the CariFin Games. Probably deeper than anyone now or in the near future would go.

On his way to becoming the kind of athlete that he is took a lot of commitment, focus and determination.  He had  to cross many obstacles and self doubt  that would of been sure to cross his path,  offering resistance and opposition. He had overcome all that was being thrown at him.  . Todays succinct question to ask is. –after four – can he give us one more? Does he have that character, courage, inner resolve to chuck up one more? The competition has been rather modest to say the least.

It could well be argued that the greatest opposition, obstacle or hurdle to Mc Leish crossing into this new landmark and being the Uber CariFin athlete must be the strain of the whole effort, That probable apprehension, the niggling injuries that he may gotten over the years of training and competing, maybe some lack of mental resolve or even the question of the relevancy of the whole effort.

At this stage the question is…. Could he give us one MORE!

On Sunday May 29, 2011 at Sevilla Golf Course in Couva the truth will be revealed!

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