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Chancellor Challenge Review

by carifinman · 0 comments

Chancellor Challenge Review

CariFin Chancellor Challenge 2011 has the most competitive field ever assembled in both male and female groups on the running side as well as the male walking category. The winners have switched or interchanged for the last two events.

Expectations and excitement are very high from a spectator’s point of view. If you want to know firsthand who wins on the hill, the so called “King or Queen of the hill” as well as the overall champions of these warm-up events for the cross country, Come Wednesday April 27, 2011 at 5.30 p.m. you should position yourself at the vantage point at the top of Chancellor Hill to see the grand finale of the running aspect of the pre-events. This will mark the end of the CariFin cross country warm-up events. It would have allowed the participants to note where they are in terms of the big day and their level of fitness and competition for Sevilla Couva in the three lap for men/ two lap for women event. They now have time to do some tweaking and sharpening for the May 29, 2011 fitness festival we have grown to love called CariFin Cross Country.

Making the point that we have been reserving- the participation of the fastest

Nikosi Mc Leish

male participant at this time, four- time winner Nikosi Mc Leish of RBC/RBTT. He opted out of the preliminary events allowing others to excel in the CariFin sunshine. He will put in a grand appearance to see if he can lift the title for a 5th consecutive time. If so, he’ll be the only runner in the annals of the CariFin history to be so decorated.

On the female side we have the non participation of the two-time cross

Crystal Ann Awia & Kevon Jervais

country winner and the Chancellor Challenge winner Crystal Ann Awai of GHL who has opted out this year.Also among.the missing females are 2nd and 3rd place finishers at CariFin cross country 2009 Salisha Julien of RBC/RBTT and Mumtaz Amarali RBL.
Salisha Julien has not used (CariFin Games Urban Challenge) the Financial industry specific events but seems to favor the more open and competitive events to do her warm-up and sharpening. This was evident by her age group first place in the recently held Bishops 5K.
Be that as it may the informed Central Bank trio lead by Esla Anthony, includes Wendy D’Arbasie (former Urban Champ winner) who is returning after a hiatus away from the event. They and the upcoming Chelsea Anne Phillip also of CBTT are hoping to thrash the competition on the Chancellor Hill and at Sevilla.

Take note that D’Arbasie turned the tables on Anthony at last week’s (13.04.2011) Green Mile in spectacular fashion showing that her muscles remembered exactly what to do when you are about 150 meters away from the finish line and that killer instinct kicks in, you just throw what ever you have to reach to the finish line first and that she spectacularly did.
Not to be left out and we must duly warn that the former RBTT 5K champ and CariFin top performer who last participated in 2007 where she placed 4th at the female cross country event… I am talking about non-other than Susan Russell of RBC/RBTT. On her return she immediately grabbed the spotlight by storming pass the One Lap Savannah 3rd place finisher Chelsea Anne Phillip in the Green Mile to grab the 3rd place. Note that was after only managing to finish 5th in the first event – the 2.28 miles One Lap savannah.

The pressure is definitely mounting as we approach the hill. There would be a mad rush to reach the top of the hill for the men, if we are to judge from anything we saw in last week’s one mile (Green Mile).
John Donaldson of Grace Kennedy turned the table on last weeks one lap winner Mark Thomas of RBL. He lead the field for the last quarter of the journey around and running probably the race of his career, finishing in fine style by throwing in that extra gear to find that devastating kick that has eluded him for some time to finish in 5:37 to post his first victory in the history of the CariFin Games.

But don’t write off Mark Thomas just yet as the hill is his strongest event. He could very well storm back and take the crown. First he has to hold off two new entrants from RBC/RBTT who seem to be getting more confident as we progress in these events.
In 2nd and 3rd place were newcomers Anthony Cape and John Castagne of RBC/RBTT and they seem to belong to that special class of runners who enjoy those heady moments when you are 150 meters or so away from the finish line. That’s when you have to get up on your toes, swing those arms, torso erect with that fighting purpose in your heart and kick to the finish line.

Akeem Simon of CBTT and Ryan Pierre of GHL are two runners that are showing some talent.Two seconds separated them in the Green Mile. Simon is a debutante, Pierre has a couple of years under his belt as a CariFin participant. They just might show their enthusiasm, youth and strength as well as getting over a bit of impatience and eagerness to pushing their ratings higher in the top 10.

Natasha David of RBTT who finished in 8:03, Joelle Bannatyne 8.04 of RBL, Lee Hay of CITI who produced an 8.11 and Kerry Ann Subero-Noreiga of First Citizens an 8.12 miler would also try to push for higher rankings in the top 10. This will surely add to the interest and excitement at the Chancellor Hill event..

In the walking race Carla Questelles-Forde of First Citizens could easily make it three out of three. Roxanne James (also of First Citizens) could double this time around. Marcia Pierre of GHL could again take 3rd place, but Aretha Alleyne of First Citcould spoil the party for Marcia if she has the will and mind, seeing she was pipped just before the line in the Green Mile.

The male walk would be a hard fought situation from all indication, Deodath Harrikisson of First Citizens having thrown down the gauntlet to Roland Caton of RBC/RBTT where he edged him on the line in the Green Mile. It seems like a battle royale that would be settled some where on the very last crescent of Chancellor Hill. Mark Bartolo of Grace Kennedy and Jade Camps would have to decide who would fill 3rd and 4th spot.

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