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7 Things about the Official Opening you should know

by carifinman · 0 comments

Seven Things every team should know about the official Opening

Things every team manager should know:
1.Based on  our last meeting it was agreed by the Committee that the theme for this year’s Family Day is the “Explosion of Fun, Fitness & Friendship”

This is the theme around which the design and dressing-up of your tent should revolve
Every team should choose a bit of music to introduce themselves or identify themselves when they are introduced on the evening.

The MC will advise everyone about the proceedings

2.The Opening Ceremony starts at 1.30 pm with the line – up of teams. Team will  be asked to occupy their tents. (Judging of tents and “Are you Fan enough?” competitions.)
Then a representative 5 led by their Ms. CariFin will highlight their judging of the tent segment (tents must be adorned/decorated with your Company’s color and logo etc. with a hint or suggestion of the 2011 Opening Theme – “The Explosion of Fun, Fitness & Friendship”
3. Agenda
1. National Anthems are played (T&T + Jamaica) – flag holding by Queens
2. Prayer
3. Visiting of tents – A Pass with the judges is made to gather points for the Best tent.
4. The team music of the team occupying each tent is played and they do their interpretation/rendition (the judges pass again)

4. Teams will  demonstration their interpretation of the Theme “The Explosion of Fun, Fitness & Friendship” through their choice of music.  “The start of the judging of “Are U Fan Enough?” will continue through  the Adult novelty. (Spontaneity, spirit, enthusiasm)
Teams can interpret their song by doing a dance routine in time to their music; some novel movements  by their staff, or whatever their interpretation is.

5. Then we have the meeting of teams
6. Main speaker.
7. Athletic Oath.
8. End of Opening ceremony

Note: Are U Fan Enough replaces – “Team with the most spirit”

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