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7 things every Team Leader should Know plus One More

by carifinman · 0 comments

 Things every Team Manager should know and should be doing 2 week before the Big Day and plus One More:

Last year we are able to generate a lot more excitement and entertainment on the Final Day of the CariFin Games when we placed attention or focus our view on a “Theme of the Games”. This years theme is “The connection of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.”
As a Team Leader or someone who is responsible for your team’s participation
in any way you should be aware of certain outcomes upfront and early to generate interest among your staff and raise level of creativity and imagination needed from your staff to participate successfully in these games.
Sunday Junes 03, 2012, the Final Day of the CariFin Games 2012 – will be packed with explosive and exciting activities and the Team Leaders need to provide that connection and drive to make the CariFin Family Day an exciting one for your Team and Institution at Sevilla Golf course. 
In the 2 weeks leading up to the Family Day some of the key
things the Team Leader should think about and begin planning are as follows:

These are what team leaders should be paying attention to:

1)     Best Tent Competition – since this competition was launch some 5 year it seem to be that 1st thing on the final day of the Games to give a team embodiment of who they are on the day, that presence “that team y or x” is here and we are here to represent. It has also proven to be the pivotal point…. An oasis for all teams … don’t matter how far they roam around Sevilla …. They must come home. The design and dressing-up of your tent should revolve around the theme of this year’s event – “The connection of Fun, Fitness and Friendship.”


2)     Ms. CariFin – Two weeks before the Big Day and you must have some selection process to choose a female to represent your institution at the Games. Her function on the day is to lead the team in those official capacities of which she is expected but to also represent all the ideals that the institution – marketing department sells it on. (Friendly service, helpful, intelligent etc)

3)     The Team’s Song – This music or mix is primarily used to introduce the Team/Institution for Opening Ceremony and it should express their energy, identify with Game’s theme and the more successful the team is on the day the DJ would play it to help the team celebrate their success on the day.

4)     “Are You Fan Enough!” – This is a competition that last about 3 minutes. It consists of a routine which could be a dance, rap, exercise movement, cheer leading, etc. in front of your tent (tent are set up in alphabetic order) where you must have at least 5 members representing including or being lead by their Ms. CariFin representative. This is one of the items where you would be judged in as part of the Opening Ceremony.

5)     The Opening Ceremony starts at 1.30 pm with the line–up of teams. Team will be asked to occupy their tents. (Judging of tents and “Are you Fan enough?” competitions.)
Then 5 representatives  led by their Ms. CariFin will highlight their judging of the tent segment

6)     Opening Ceremony
a. National Anthems are played (T&T + Jamaica) – institution’s flag to be held by Queens
b. Prayer
c. Inspection of Tents – The judges will inspect each tent and assign points towards determining the Best tent.
d. The Team must play some music of their choice during the Tent inspection and explain to the Judges the interpretation of the rendition
e. Meeting of Teams
f. Main Speaker.
g. Athletic Oath.
h. End of Opening ceremony

7)     Be punctual – Punctuality has been a perennial problem with these Games and it is one of the things we would like to take our time to address this year. For the events to run on time and the day to keep on schedule there must be persons present to start the novelty events at 10.00 am. This year Team captains or a representative would report to Anthony Le Maitre – The novelty Game Manager  – he would note your arrival time, points would be given or taken away based on your arrival.

8)     Start your registrations – There are many events on the day. It is a packed day of non-stop activity but to participate you must prepare thoroughly…. You need to familiarize yourself with all the events and get the appropriate people to represent. You can download a copy of the program of the day from the website or visit us on Facebook to get a Facebook special download.

Finally, it may seem like a lot so he or she would need to delegate, source more information and personnel to really manage – “The connection of Fun, Fitness and Friendship. 


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