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Ms. CariFin 2011

by carifinman · 5 comments

Ms. Central Bank wins Ms. CariFin for the 4th straight year – Esla Anthony captures the crown.

Esla Anthony

Port of Spain, Wednesday, June 01, 2011. History worked for Central Bank as they again pulled off an incredible 4th consecutive win in the Ms. CariFin competition.  This took place on Sunday May 29, 2011 at Sevilla Golf Course at the 20th Edition of the CariFin Cross Country and Family Day, the culminating event of the CariFin Games 2011.
This year marked the 8th running of Ms. CariFin contest; Central Bank has won the last four, and the third one in 2006 for good measure.

Ms. CariFin is judged in the following areas.

  1. Must take part in one of the cross country events
  2. Must lead their team at the Official Opening
  3. Participate in the aerobics display
  4. Take part in the Q & A

This year’s aerobics display was more competitive with most of the girls having some aerobic experience or were ranked based on the recently concluded CariFin Aerobics Burnout. In that Esla Anthony was ranked 6th and Carla Questelles-Forde 8th.

After the warm-up period, things stepped into high gear. Esla Anthony and Carla Questelles-Forde seemed most relaxed and comfortable on the floor, moving rhythmically and in sync to the beat of the music and the dictates of the instructor.

By now the various supporters of the contestants were raving on the sideline, Teams Central Bank, GHL, Grace Kennedy and Intercommercial were most vocal urging their contestants on.
The instructor turned up the complexity of the movement a notch, adding also that flair and colouring that hints of a dance routine. All the while the hypnotic and pulsating sound of the music rose. The aerobics display transformed the area into a semi -dance off setting with Anthony and Questelles-Forde the smoothest exponents of them all.
By now Team CBTT, sensing something in the making and feeling that strong sense of history on their side that they had this year’s Ms. CariFin in the can, doubled and tripled the noise. Hands and flags waving vigorously,   as if by noise and support they could write into the history book – “4 Years Straight”
It  was time for Q & A, the deciding item to judge. Ms. First Citizens Carla Questelles-Forde was the first person to answer to the approval of most of the people who cheered lustily to her response.
Then came Grace Kennedy, Amirah Brumble who was also well received, Rachel Samuel of RBL followed whose response gained a good reaction from the crowd. Team Central Bank contestant Esla Anthony was announced and the supporters went wild with a roar of approval, her answer was applauded lustily. IBL was represented by Shenelle Hamilton who took a good shot at answering her efforts was well received
Nanoyra Chambers of GHL was up next the GHL section was backing her all the way her answer sent them in a frenzy hoping she could bring the Ms. CariFin crown their way.
After deliberating for a while the judges submitted their results:

1st Ms. CBTT – Esla Anthony
2nd Ms. FCB – Carla Questelles-Forde
3rd Ms. GHL – Nanoyra Chambers
4th Ms. RBL – Rachel Samuel
5th Ms. IBL – Shenelle Hamilton
6th Ms. Grace Kennedy – Amirah Brumble

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  • Republic Bank staff

    The Ms. Carifin event this year was not fair.u00a0 First Citizens should have captured the title because they were the best all rounder.u00a0 I am from Republic Bank and I must say that the FCB lady had the best sports wear, aerobics was spot on and last but not least had the best Question & Answer.u00a0 I am still confused as to how and why she lost, the committee members from the Institutions need to query this.

  • Kevin

    I totally agree to First Citizens should have been the one winning the Ms. Carifin 2011 titile.u00a0 Nothing about Central Bank stood out, the First Citizens lady was best throughout.

  • Wazita

    At last, finally someone spoke out on the unfair and bias decision on this year’s Ms. Carifin 2011.u00a0 I was invited by one of the institutions and was very impressed with the First Citizens lady.u00a0 Central Bank did not deserve the win, well at least this year.u00a0 The organizers of this category or committee members should demand to see those results.u00a0 I think maybe some of the other institutions should boycott this event because clearly there is nothing fair about it.

  • Farhat

    I agree totally with the posts below and just to add, the competition is too biased.u00a0 The FCB lady had more personality than the Central Bank lady.

  • Raul

    All I have to say is CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u00a0 First Citizens should have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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