CariFin Team in Training – Meet Up & Prize Ditribution CariFin Team in Training – Meet Up & Prize Ditribution |

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CariFin Team in Training – Meet Up & Prize Ditribution

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CariFin meet Up & Prize Distribution

UWI – “Moments to Share”

I am always amazed and thrill to hear the stories of human drama in life and I am extremely fascinated by those in sports…. They all seem so engaging as well as inspiring and our participation in the UWI half marathon was not without the many scintillating, gripping and momentous ones.

Though our first finishers was some 19 minutes off the winning time and the bulk of our brave warriors were middle and more to the end of finishing pack we have our own “best sellers” of stories to be told.

At our 3rd CariFin Team in Training – Team Meet –Up and Prize distribution which took place on Wednesday December 02, 2009 at the 16th Floor – Central Bank building we had the unique and distinguish opportunity to share in the rare and special moments of those who won various categories in our “Team in Training for UWI”

Ruth2Ruth Frazer-Monroe winner of the 70 – 79 age – group was the first to share her UWI moments (Participants Perspective).

She revealed she took part in all UWI races since it commence (all six) and place 1st or 2nd in her age group and bettered her time over last year.

She is proud to be running for three reasons… (1) In praise to God, (2) For all the disenfranchised sisters who don’t get any encouragement to do anything outside the home. (3) For her personal satisfaction. She talked about the struggle of racing in the hot sun and the difficulty in getting refreshment if you come in after an hour. But also suggest that the race should start earlier.

Listen to Ruth Frazer-Monroe live at the Meet – Up

Karen James-Appoo the most improved female in UWI half marathon 2009.

After doing over 3 hours in 2008. She was determined to do a more karen-Aimproved time in 2009.
Her main goal for this race was:

  1. Get there on time
  2. Finish ahead of granny Lucess
  3. Finish within 3 hours

Leading up to the half marathon Support from a good friend Kitty and the CariFin Team in Training made it easier and she realized that the watch words of CariFin – Fun, Fitness and Friendship was so important.

Seeing fellow runners from team CariFin along her training run encourage her to made two laps when she only wanted to make one.
At the end she improve her time by 36 minutes

ClemClem Jubrajsingh of RBTT Bank – Most improved male in UWI half marathon – 2009.

“You must have a program to follow and what you can do … analyze what happen the year before and use that to improve for your next race and follow the program.”

In 2009 Clem had to sit on the pave area of the road to recover from a bad running experience … he even had to ask a little boy for some of his Gatorade. In 2009 armed with a program from Runner’s World, which he followed religiously.

He did hills, tempo and long runs also interval training. He made sure none of the bad events of 2008 race did not occur again… with a bottle of Gatorade in one hand and water in the other he knocked off 35 minutes from his previous UWI half time… A proud and happy camper he was indeed.

Rodney JulienMost Improved UWI half marathon – male runner 2009:Rodney

He keeps pushing the bench mark for CariFin performance in the UWI half marathon among the men. The previous best male time which he held was 1.29 done in 2007 was obliterated in 2009. He posted 1.25 the best time ever for a CariFin male.

But the question to ask is how he did it, how he was able to make that level of improvement.

He used a program from the Runner’s World Smart Coach and talked to other seasoned runners who gave some tips and help coach him.
He was very proud of his performance and running is something that he loves and looks forward to keep on enjoying running.

NicoleNicole BuddMost Improved UWI half marathon – female runner 2009:

She was sick leading up to UWI half marathon, didn’t have much time to train prior to the race. Even on the morning of the race she had her reservation as she a diarrhea but some gently prodding by her daughter got her to the starting line. Even on the starting line, the incidents that would seem to be conspiring to have her not perform keep propping up as she was seemingly pushed from behind and end up tripping and falling.

Having to claw her way slowly through the slow moving runners at the starting line, she couldn’t wait to move to the wider bus route.
She had one of her better races in many years as she ran faster than her 2008 time by three minutes, finishing in 1.43.

CariFin made two presentations on the evening, one to the winning school in CariFin cross country 2009 St. Rose Girl R.C. School and our charity of choice the Lupus Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago. Ms. CariFin 2009 – Ms. Melissa Mc Allister of central Bank made the presentation.

Vote of thanks
This task was befallen to Darren Cole of UTC who did a good job, first of all the thanked our major sponsor Nature Valley for their support and sponsorship for the last 3 years, also Gatorade who have been sponsoring us from the inception of our participation in UWI and long before in our other CariFin events.

NLCB was also mentioned as a sponsor who has help made our involvement in 2009 possible.

Republic Bank and First Citizens were important sponsors in keeping our e-newsletter online and circulating.

Again we want to thank everyone for coming out.

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