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The Most Improved Runners


The most improved runners in any year represents that group of people who more than any show that they have kept the faith, they have kept the fire burning, that their passion for the sport is alive and they are enjoying working on their own personal fitness levels by improving over their last year’s performance.

This phenomenon is something that is and must be celebrated hugely in CariFin and respected a lot. I must say I am very much excited and was curious to analyze the data from the results to see what those improvements are and by how much they would of improve and basically give an idea as to whom is going forward as to whom is just maintaining or those who are losing grounds.

It is great to see the numbers in the participation column increasing, meaning that the event and the sports as a whole are showing growth. But really the sweet spot in that scenario is the revelation that within that mix are people who are just crushing it. People whose passions are lit are little more and can push themselves a little harder and be more consistent.

This year I have used the mile event as the event to evaluate the improvement of the runners. That

Tricia Pierre

means basically that the level of improvement wouldn’t generally be that big as say when you line up things against the One Lap Savannah.

The reason I choose the One Lap Savannah is that in my opinion it was the most consistent of the events and distances of the of the three (3) running events (One Lap savannah, Green Mile and chancellor Challenge).

Some might argue that the One Lap savannah should be well defined and consistent as far as the distance is concerned.
But the because of where the starting line is, it then to deviate a bit and rather than run the risk of any slight change in distance. Keeping to the Sand track allows for same start and finish point.

The winners for the Most Improved participants in the Urban Challenge for 2011 are male Vidal Sealey of First Citizens and representing the females we have Trisha Pierre of GHL.

Vidal Sealey

Vidal Sealey

Vidal Sealey won this category handsomely with an improvement of 47 seconds over his 2010 performance in the Green Mile where he covered the one mile distance in 2010 in 7.01. This year he was able to run a time 7.07 achieving the biggest gap between his 2010 and 2011 time and winning the Most Improved Trophy and earning the bragging rights for the 2011 to say , “I Vidal Sealy is the Most Improved Runner for 2011”

Trisha Pierre is one of those rather unassuming people with a quick smile, who would come out and participate as part of the very successful GHL team in CariFin.

In tracking Trisha’s performance data in CariFin (and by the way that is mighty easy… just go to the huge user friendly data base through their upgraded search design) and plug in the name of the person)

You mightn’t know but in 2009 the first time Ms. Pierre participated in CariFin she did the Queen’s Park Savannah in a modest 27.25 and the one mile in 11.09 which is beginner status of course.  In 2010 she ran 10.59 and in 2011 she did 10.31 a 28 seconds improvement.

Today we want to congratulate Ms. Pierre and Mr. Sealey for their improvement in the event and the sport and their level of personal fitness as well. Thanks again and keep on improving!




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