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A Discription of Sevilla Golf Course

by carifinman · 0 comments

sevilla Golf Course

Sevilla Golf Course

The Sevilla Golf Course in Couva is one of the most scenic, picturesque, idyllic, and challenging and family oriented venues in the Caribbean. This event would be held on June 03, 2012 at this time the Poui trees are normally in full bloom, their bright, beautiful yellow and purple flowers adds an element of colour to the surroundings. The meandering cane fields bound the course in the East. Upon your entry to Sevilla, the tall and elegant palm trees line the entrance. You can’t help but recognize the tall chimneys of the old Brechin Castle sugar factory that adds to the nostalgia on your way in.
The course contour is uneven in parts, with slight rolling hills, tight turns, which intersperse at intervals with flat portions, it all seems well calculated by nature to add to the fun and challenge of a good cross country course.
The perimeter of the course is measured at approximately 2.2 kilometres. The portions from the start of the race, to the beginning of the perimeter of the golf course and from the golf course to the finish line are 900 meters. Making the total distance of 7.5 kilometres.
The main events are the Men’s’ and Women’s races which require the participants to go around the course 3 and 2 times respectively, and then head for the finish line. In the other events, the Walking Race, kids run and the adult Fun Run, they are required to go around the course once

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