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A Dry Run of the course

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CariFin Podcast Show notes – Saturday, September 25, 2009

“Dry Run of the course ”

Hi this is podcast Number 42, of the Fun Fitness friendship Podcast. I am your host Wayne Roberts…. This podcast is coming from the sunny Urban Financial Center of the Caribbean I am talking about – Port of Spain – Trinidad .

Today is Saturday, September 26, 2009

For more information 487 9487 or admin@funfitnessfriendship.com

isit our website at www.funfitnessfriendship.com Or www.carifinonline.com

Today theme is dry run of the course.

I will like to thank our main sponsor Nature Valley. This is the 3rd year they are with us and I sincerely want to thank them….. After a run, or when I am feeling for snack I turn to nature valley Granola bars.

What on today;

We have the news

My brief banter

Tip of the week

Quote of the week

And links…. of the week.

And what coming up

Next week show

The News
CariFin Team in Training for UWI SPEC International Half Marathon has 5 weeks of training before the 13.1 beautiful miles of UWI half marathon.

In recognition of this fact a group of us is doing a dry run of the course on Sunday September 27, 2009. The run starts off at 5.30 am we have about 25 runners confirming their involvement …. So it seems to be turning out to be quite interesting.
Next in the news:

St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) distance-running star Pamenos Ballantyne struck winning form Thursday when he captured the Newsday 5-kilometre road race.
Veteran Ballantyne stopped the clock at 15 minutes, 56 seconds to defeat the Guyanese pair of Kelvin Johnson and Lionel D’Andrade, the defending champion.
The result represents a rebound for Ballantyne, who was beaten by local star Richard Jones in the Venture Credit Union 5K the previous week.

Shermin LaSaldo was the first woman to finish the race in 19.18; second placed of 19.54 went to Latoya Cudjoe and Donna Collymore place third 20.45.
Other news

Our weekly training continues on Tuesday’s and Thursday at 5.00 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 5.45 p.m. Thursday being the holiday and Newsday has a 5k… I am sure some people would want to do that.
All runner/walkers are asked to assembly opposite memorial Park on the strip Upper Frederick St. in the Savannah.|
This is part of our 8 week training program to get participants race sharp and ready for the event on Sunday November 01, 2009. For more information please call me at 487 9487
Brief Banter

We are at a very critical juncture when we reach the stage when we say we doing a dry run of the course, its signal our commitment to those 13.1 beautiful miles we call UWI SPEC Half marathon. It is something we want to do and we want to do it to the best of our ability and at the end feel the fulfillment, satisfaction, passion and fun that it was meant to be.
We are schedule to start at 5.30 am to avoid the sun…. maybe…….But what I hope to really happen is that runners of like level of fitness and endurance could gravitate and work together to cover the distance at the same time feed off the energy of the group.

So we can all enjoy the fun, fitness and friendship ……. That is what it is all about.

For this run we are quite fortunate to have runners from CBTT, RBTT, and several other institutions, but we have people from as far as South Trinidad, the West – Diego Martin, The East – Grande and in between. It quite a curious mix of people wanting to experience the UWI Half marathon and coming together for the dry run …..

We want to thank nature valley for granolas, Gatorade for refuel us before and after the run and blue water for water for the run.
We have started the registration process where we asking interested persons to submit a photo ID and sign the waivers as we process our registration in bulk for the race. Then we are simultaneously doing uniforms so we need all the sizes so we can complete that process so we can have the printing done.

Again very important to us is the fact that we are we are using our efforts here to raise funds for our charity – Lupus society of Trinidad and Tobago.

Half marathon tip of the week:

Carbohydrates provide the fuel runners need. During half marathon training, 65% of your total calories should come from carbohydrates, particularly complex carbohydrates. 10% should come from protein (you need 0.5 to .07 grams per pound of your body weight each day). 20-25% of your total calories should come from unsaturated fats. Be sure to get the nutrition you need to keep you strong and allow for adequate recovery.
Another tip

On runs of an hour or more, carry fluids with you and consume 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes. During pre-training and marathon training, weigh yourself before and after each run and get your body weight back to the weight it was before the run by drinking water or sports drink within the first hours after the run.
Quote of the week:

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” -John Bingham, running speaker and writer

We would like to thank the NLCB for their support in our Team in training for UWI SPEC Half marathon.

Link of the week
Our first link of the week…I have got three.
The 1st one is from the Guardian it is entitled– I want to live – It is by Rennie Cumming… I really love her writing.
It is about Carlet Holder ­- Carlet is now fighting for her own life. “In early September, I was diagnosed with lupus,” she says as we sit, six days after she turned 39, talking about how her life changed in the last three months.

“I had never felt this kind of pain. It is indescribable. My joints started to swell. I felt like an old person; like I was doing everything in slow motion. For a woman who has lived her life in fast forward, from the day she was born, being slowed down felt like living life in a coma. “I couldn’t even lift a teacup.”

This is a description of Carlet before the dreadful news hit her
Carlet Holder can turn on the light in a room without using a switch. She is a live-wire. Long curly dreadlocks, blond to the front, black to the back, crazy clothes, funky shoes, far-out jewelry, glittery two-inch airbrushed psychedelic nails, and eyebrows pencilled in extra high for emphasis-you can’t miss her.

What is Lupus?
After a battery of blood tests, it was confirmed lupus. It is a chronic disease that attacks the immune system. An attack, called a flare, can last weeks, even years. Lupus weakens the immune system and the body struggles to fight off viruses, bacteria, and germs. A common cold can wreck havoc on her.

How is it treated?
She is being treated with steroids. And while the medication is easing the pain it’s doing nothing to calm her mind. “It plays with your mind. Mentally, you are affected.” But she is not prepared to let lupus get the better of her. “It makes you want to do some crazy stuff,” she says. “It can really change your personality. It is a weird disease, people feel like they are going off.”

What Carlet does
Is the head of entertainment news at Synergy TV.

Link no. 2.


Guide to pack race day kit…

In the day or two before a race you may be a jittery nervous mess.  Not the best time to try and figure out what essentials you will need before, during, and after the big event.  A little bit of advance planning, helpfully done for you here, can save you hours of fretting the night before (or worse yet, the morning of) the race.

The wisest course of action is to pack and lay out everything the day before the race, leaving nothing to race morning chance.  Organizing your stuff before the stores close is the best plan, just in case you need to make a last minute Gatorade purchase.  With everything you need ready to go you can sleep restfully knowing you need only wake up and go through the motions of getting ready.  5 am race morning is not the time for list-making.  Nor is it the time to try and remember where you put your iPod.  The goal is to wake up and get ready without thinking about what you may or may not need, worrying that you will forget something critical (like your timing chip), frantic searching (where are those safety pins), or Number

Link no. 3

From the American Running Association

How Important Is the Heart Rate of People Who Exercise?
I’ve read articles about heart rates of active and inactive people, but they seem to have major flaws. One claimed that because active peoples’ resting rate is so much lower their total heart beats per day is much less. The calculation used a higher rate for an exercise period of 40 minutes per day, and a lower rate for the rest of the day. Link

This seems to forget that heart rate doesn’t switch from high to low without a transition. Also, active and inactive people do other things during the day that raise their heart rates.

How important is the heart rate of people who exercise?
The article’s conclusion is correct although any estimates can only be approximations. The average person circulates about 4.9 liters (nearly five quarts) of blood per minute. With each beat your heart pumps about 70 milliliters (half a cup) of blood.

With a resting heart rate of 70 beats per minute, you circulate 70 times 70, which is 4,900 milliliters (4.9.liters) per minute.

If you are aerobically fit, your heart becomes more efficient. Say it can pump 85 milliliters per beat. You can now circulate the same volume of blood with only 58 beats per minute (58 times 85 is 4,930 milliliters).

When you stress a body system and let it recover, it grows stronger. If you stress your heart with exercise, during recovery it grows stronger. A stronger heart muscle can pump more blood with each beat, and pump the same amount of blood per minute by working less hard, that is by slowing down.

Learn more ways to use your heart rate monitor to improve fitness.

What coming Up!

Date – Sunday 18 October 2009 – Kiss 15K Distance 15 Km (9.32 miles) – Start Memorial Park, Queen’s Park Savannah

Date Sat. October 24, 2009 – CBTT 5K

Date Sunday 01 November 2009 – Distance Half Marathon (21.1 km)(13.1 miles) – Time – 6.00 am

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I will like to thank Gatorade for their support in our Team in Training for UWI Half marathon after a hard 2hours run, what better than Gatorade to refresh, refuel and replace minerals lost through sweat.

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