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A Fight for 2nd Place

by carifinman · 0 comments

A Fight for 2nd Place

2 seconds separate them at the final at Sevilla golf course. The build-up to the final was heavy with Abijah throwing down the first Salvo when he said, “He is going to leave everything on the course!” Kris never one to shy from competition, was not showing his hand but was very much resolved to take on the competition.
So it was not strange to see a very tactical race developing between the two as they vied for that coveted runner-up position in CariFin cross country and overall champions of running in the games. In the end, Abijah Phillip of Republic Bank completed the 3 Lap Sevilla Course in 0:26:56 and Kris Deonanan of Guardian Group following 2 minutes behind in 0:26:58. 

Just to put the thing in perspective I would show how they ran coming down the road…
1 lap Savannah Abijah 0:15:18. Kris – 0:15:46
1 Mile Sand Track – Abijah – 0:05:21. Kris – 0:05:27
Chancellor Challenge – 0:14:15. Kris – 0:14:29.
Is Kris catching up to Abijah?….

What do you think?

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