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A Map of Sevilla Golf Course

by carifinman · 0 comments

Hi every one probably you have ran a 5K before, so don’t worry. The women cross country which is 2 laps is approximately a 5K. It includes 2 laps of the course and the piece from the start to the course and from the course to the finish line.

The men have about an 8 k in the 3 laps that they are required to run and the piece from the start and the finish.

If you want an idea of comparable distance, CariFin cross country is like comparing the female race to say one lap of the Queen’s Park Savannah and a little piece. If ever you were looking for a comparisson of distances.  CariFin Cross Country is good running event to challenge your self to build, strength, stamina, speed and fitness. it kick the heck out of a simple road 5K for general all round fitness,  understanding the principle of movement, balance, running down hill and uphill, use of arms and recovery on the run.

There is so much fitness and strength benefit if as a runner if you should include regular terrain like this one in your training regimen.

This map was taken by Crystal Ann Awai the two time CariFin female champion of GHL in the actual race in 2011. This is from her Garmin watch. thanks again Crystal Ann and hope to see you having fun at Sevilla.




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