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A Shared Purpose

by carifinman · 0 comments

Creating a “Shared Purpose”


Shared Purpose

As Carifin 2015 gets set to take flight in April, there must be a shared purpose. The mission of this shared purpose, being the articulation of why we exist, how we behave on a daily basis, and the teams creating value. And again, it’s a clear and simple statement of that team’s existence and its purpose.“CariFin exist to promote health and fitness, personal responsibility for one’s health & fitness, camaraderie, friendly rivalry, closer relationship and friendship within the financial sector of the Caribbean in a way that makes it interesting and fun.”

Combine that with the vision:

  • This is where we’re going three to five years from now!
  • This is why we’re excited!
  • This is the destination!
  • And after several years of fulfilling our mission !
  • This is where we’re going to end up !

The Intention:

To be a premiere Inter – Financial/Inter Company event in the Caribbean creating not only CariFin games but adding (CariFin CrossFit Challenge) (CariFin Kids Park & Other fund Raising activities) by using the skills, talent, creativity and passion of this team to produce the number one event of its kind in the Caribbean.

Taking that vision and mission, combine them, and think more broadly about our customers and how can we involve them in the achievement of that mission and vision. This is what a shared purpose is! That shared purpose, is that connection between your team and the customers you serve.

It’s how you’re going to interact with them and help them understand, here’s how we create value!

Now let’s think about how you can contribute to that created value. And when you find those points of connection between your customers and your organization’s vision and mission, we’ll be able to articulate. Here’s the shared purpose that we combine, as an organization with our customers. This is why we exist!

In pursuit of this goal I will like to suggest that the present team members, who have the writing skills should endeavor to produce:

  • Profile of all the team members explaining briefly in fun ways, as to why they are onboard
  • What is their skill area and how they intend to contribute to make CariFin Games the number one inter-financial/inter-regional games.
  • A picture should be specifically shot for this purpose. This should be prepared and made into a webpage for our blog and other online publications.

The idea here is to have active participation with our CariFin participants, fans, interact with the team on an emotional level, knowing how much they care about CariFin, and making it the best.

It is our desire to ensure every participant feels a part of the process and make contributions via our social media and other avenues, so there is friendship and bonds when people meet.

All inclusive cooperation at its best, to create the premium event for them, as well as we the team, feeling that satisfaction, knowing we have created a shared purpose of value!


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