Adona Joseph – Aerobics Champion 2016 Adona Joseph – Aerobics Champion 2016 |

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Adona Joseph – Aerobics Champion 2016

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CariFin Games’ “Fittest” Woman of 2016 – Adona Joseph

In the year 2016, Adona Joseph received the most demanding and probably uncertain title such as the “Female Aerobic Champion” for the annual CariFin Games event. She first took part in CariFin Games in 2013 and continued in 2015 and 2016. As this was not her first year participating hopefully it won’t be her last!

How did Adona Joseph even prepare for CariFin Games?

Well she mentions that she doesn’t focus on preparing for CariFin Games per se; aerobic training is already part of her weekly routine and she genuinely enjoys doing it – at least for the most part! So the annual event presents itself as another avenue for Miss Joseph to keep fit.

Below is a detailed list of all her accomplishments thus far in CariFin Games for 2015 and 2016:

Date Event Location Time Position Held
Wednesday. 22nd April 2015 Savannah 1 Lap Queen’s Park Savannah 18:19 31
Wednesday, 29th April 2015 Green Mile Inside the Sand Track, Queen’s Park Savannah 7:19 37
Wednesday. 6th May 2015 Chancellor Challenge Lady Chancellor Road, Queen’s Park Savannah 16:18 17
Saturday, 28th November 2015 Shine Charity Walk & Run Nelson Mandela Park 54:38 96
Wednesday, 13th April 2016 Savannah 1 Lap Queen’s Park Savannah 18:33 59
Wednesday, 27th April 2016 Green Mile Inside the Sand Track, Queen’s Park Savannah 7:27 58
Wednesday, 11th May 2016 Chancellor Challenge Lady Chancellor Road, Queen’s Park Savannah 20:22 41
Sunday, 5th June 2016 Cross Country & Family Day Sevilla Gold Course, Caroni 25:36 4

Notably, Adona Joseph doesn’t focus on any specific philosophy about fitness and winning.
When she competes in CariFin Aerobics Burnout, she doesn’t go with the mindset to win but to know that she is capable of winning and she just tries to do her utmost best.
Growing up, Adona Joseph attended Providence Girls Secondary School on Belmont Circular Road in Belmont, Port of Spain. Ever since, Miss Joseph has been a dancer therefore she was always very active; taking dance classes all over Trinidad and Tobago. At a very young age, the 2016 CariFin Games “Fittest Woman” fell in love with aerobics and would enter little competitions at sports days or just participate for the fun of it; she even mentions “the music drives me!”

Presently, Adona Joseph works at Sagicor Life Inc. and holds the position of Supervisor of the Payroll and Benefits Administration, at the age of 35 years.
As exciting as it must be to be titled the “Female Aerobic Champion”, unfortunately Miss Joseph was unable to attend the awards function itself. Her accomplishment came as a complete shock the following day when one of her co-workers brought her trophies at the office. Although she may have missed the opportunity to hear her name being called on stage and get to walk through applauses to receive the trophies with photos being taken and memories being created, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she still is 2016 CariFin Games “Female Aerobic Champion.”

However, Miss Joseph does not only excel in the aerobic department. The accomplished athlete has shown a successful balance between running and aerobics. Within the CariFin Games, Adona Joseph placed 2nd in the ‘Overall Runners’ category for females and she managed to place 1st in the ‘Aerobics Burnout Overall Winners’ for females, as discussed earlier, both in the same of year of 2016. Additionally, the table above depicting Adona Joseph’s accomplishments elaborates more on her running victories but throughout her aerobic dominance is expressed.

With no doubt, it doesn’t end at CariFin Games for Miss Joseph. She won “Best Female Dancer” and “Best Female Actress” at the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition years ago.
As for 2016, Adona Joseph also participated in the Scotia Bank’s Annual 5K for Cancer where she placed 7th overall. Additionally, a group of Sagicor employees – including her – competed in Tobago’s Sea to Sea Marathon, where they did the 10K.
With such achievements, one might consider Adona Joseph a champion in the financial sector. Certainly, she is just happy to put both her name and Sagicor’s name down in history of the CariFin Games annual event.

With regards to Sagicor in the beginning, the team behind CariFin Games wasn’t getting the high level of support from the institution but somehow things seemed to improve, could it be because of Miss Joseph’s high-profile winning to cause such a positive change?

Miss Joseph responded saying,

“Maybe it did, but I know Sagicor is an advocate for health and wellness and so they support staff’s participation in the CariFin Games 100%. This is just one of the many health and fitness programmes they offer to staff.”

Apart from Sagicor’s mentioned support, Adona Joseph thinks CariFin Games is a great programme offering opportunities for people in the financial sector to keep fit, to network and generally just to have fun.
Miss Joseph shared her most cherished memories in CariFin Games as a participant and champion,

“I would say winning the aerobic burnout two years in a row (as the most cherished memory). Also, that moment when it’s down to the last two contestants and you hear your co-workers rooting for you at the side, even strangers shouting your name and in my mind all I’m thinking ‘when is this going to end!’

CariFin Games aims to raise awareness for an active lifestyle but also wants to build a competitive environment where people could strive for excellence and be the best among their peers and within the industry. As many would agree with their missions and objectives, and whilst on the topic of Miss Joseph’s success, she shared advice – or as some may consider it fitness tips – on being a successful runner and aerobic performer to the young and excited females entering the financial sector and interested in keeping healthy and fit.

“My advice would just be to always believe in you.

There is something great in each and every one of us.

Don’t try to be like someone else but try to be the best you!”

As for recommendations towards future CariFin Games, she shares that they can probably take a look at the monetary prize structure, especially for the aerobics competition.
Certainly, for 2017 CariFin Games we can look forward to Miss Adona Joseph participating, by God’s grace.
Miss Joseph plans to just keep up with her weekly workout routine in order to prepare for this year. Furthermore, she will try her best to successfully defend her title in 2017.

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