An interview with Ms. CariFin 2011 – Esla Anthony An interview with Ms. CariFin 2011 – Esla Anthony |

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An interview with Ms. CariFin 2011 – Esla Anthony

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CariFin News caught up with Ms. CariFin 2011 – Ms. Central Bank – Esla Anthony and CariFin News had a frank heart to heart chat with her. She revealed quite a lot about her experience participating in Ms. CariFin 2011 and what it meant to her. We are pleased to share this  rare moment with you.

CariFin News: How was the experience of Ms. CariFin 2011?
Esla Anthony: Ms. CariFin 2011 has been a fun and learning experience. I was exposed to an environment that I am not familiar with.
CN: What helped you to make up your mind to do this…”I would not normally think you would take up a role like this?
EA: The support, confidence and encouragement from my co-workers had in me. The weeks leading to Ms. CariFin, various co-workers suggested that I would be a suitable representative. They said I had what it takes to be Ms. CariFin. I guess they saw something in me.
CN: Did you talk to any of the previous Ms. CBTT/Ms. CariFin prior to you participating?
EA: Yes, I did, I spoke to all the representatives. Central Bank has won the title ____ times. In fact the winners of Ms. CariFin 2010 and 2011 offered advice on my outfit and question and answer segment.
CN: What you thought gave you the edge to win this competition?
EA: I believe it was my overall toned physique and my execution of the aerobics routine. Ms. Guardian Holdings answered her question well, so I believe we were on equal footing in that area. Ms. First Citizen’s exuded confidence, I was timid.
CN: Ms. CariFin competition had a little more responsibility /activity… meaning you had to be part of the opening act for the Opening Ceremony… I heard you handled yourself well … how did you enjoy this?
EA: My main role at the Opening Ceremony was to make a presentation to the Lupus Society/Foundation. I am a firm-believer in supporting charitable medical organizations, so I felt proud very that CariFin supports this organization I was able to be a part of this initiative.

CN: What or when were the most nervous moments in the show for you
EA: The most nervous moments in the show for me were:
1. Best Dressed Tent and Dance Competition – highlighting the Central Bank tent. The routine was prepared 15 mins before the judges came to view our tent and dance routine. I have 2 left feet and prefer backstage than front stage, but I was the main lead!!!!!
2. The Question and Answer Segment – the fear of the unknown always makes me nervous. I did a lot of self-talk to calm myself.

CN: What was your approach to the Q & A part?
EA: My approach was to remain calm, listen carefully and answer exactly what was being asked and don’t ramble on.

CN: What was your mindset and did you see this as your biggest hurdle?
EA: My mindset was one of anxiety but the over-whelming support of the CB Family kept me grounded and I thought to myself “if they have the faith in me, I should have faith in myself”

CN: The judge’s decision
The judges was doing their deliberations, the CBTT supporters were confident and shouting positives from the sidelines. Were you there standing brimming with confidence that you would win Ms. CariFin?
EA: “Brimming with confidence!” far from. I was listened to all the other contestants and I was impressed with the responses from Ms. Guardian Holdings and Ms. First Citizens, and I thought to myself “they are my competition but it is all in God’s hands now.”

CN: What was your initial reaction – when you saw it was between you and Ms. FC
EA: I was shocked! i was in a daze! I tried to maintain a cool, calm and collected façade.

CN: She then was declared 2nd …… It meant that you had won …… Your supporters (Team CBTT) were jubilant, jumping, screaming …. One was evening seen kneeling and paying homage to you….. What you felt there and then…..
Could you for once capture that moment for us?
EA: Relief……I was able to keep the Ms. CariFin crown in Central Bank. Grateful……all the persons who believed in me, I did not disappoint them. Shocked and disbelief……….I actually won a beauty competition, who would have thought!!!!!

CN: How was the reception from the average staff member to you when the news spread?
EA: Congratulatory. Expected results.

CN: As Ms. CariFin 2011 what encouragement or what would you say to people in general in the financial services sector to make fitness part of the daily life?
EA: The world of work is getting more demanding and it is easy to put your health on the back burner by working longer hours and even weekends. I urge everyone to make a lifestyle change – incorporate fitness in your life.
When – make the time – before work, at lunch-time, after work, on weekends. Who – co-workers, friends, family, even strangers it is a great way to meet new people
What/Where – walk/run the Savannah… is free, join a gym, learn to a new sport
How – just get moving

CN: Any last words.
EA: I hope that responsibilities of Ms. Carifin continues to increase as it relates to Carifin’s motto – Fun Friendship Fitness.
I would like to thank the following persons:
All members of staff of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago for their support and words of encouragement before and during the competition.
Linhurst Cole for assisting me in selecting my outfit.
Ms. Carifin 2009 – Melissa McAlister and Ms. Carifin 2010 – Krystle Gomez for assisting me on competition day.

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