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Are You Prepared for CariFin Games

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APRIL 02 – JUNE 05


Carifin Games is here. And even for the most experienced runners, walkers of joggers, the days before a race can be stressful. You may experience bouts of nervous energy. Especially with all that hard work you have put in, we want you to arrive at the starting line for your event feeling calm and ready to give your best.

Here are a few tips and reminders to make sure you stay on track during the most important days and even hours leading up to your event; and may even help with your rate of recovery after you cross the finish line.

The week before the race

  • Don’t Stress
  • Get Familiar with the route before hand
  • Eat what works for you
  • Get ready the night before

The days before the race

  • Don’t do or eat anything new
  • Get off your feet
  • Manage your carbs intake
  • Ensure you hydrate
  • Break in new pair of shoes or apparel several runs before race day

Race Day

  • Limit your hydration
  • Arrive early
  • Identify yourself
  • Do not overdress
  • Set 2 goals for yourself
  • Fix it sooner, not later: check laces
  • Line up early
  • Do light warm up, dynamic stretching, walk or light jog for 15-20 minutes
  • Start slow, and stay even – Pace your race

After the Race

  • Keep moving
  • Refuel
  • Get warm – change into dry clothing

Check out the events schedule and sign up for the nation’s largest fun walk/run series. Help us conquer the fight against Lupus! Read about our partnership with the Voice of Lupus.

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Sources: “Tips for Your First Race” by Jennifer Van Allen “14 Tips to Prepare for yout First Race” by Tyler Pake

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