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Calling All Milers

by carifinman · 0 comments


Growing up we always heard the saying from the ‘old folks’…’when you are doing anything, make sure and go the extra mile!’ Now in our adult lives, do we still try to achieve that declaration and go that extra mile?
For our 25th Anniversary, we at CariFin (Caribbean Financial Institution) Games are giving you an opportunity in 2016 to listen to your granny and ‘tanty’ and GO THAT EXTRA MILE with us.
Carifin is calling all runners who would like to tackle and conquer this ‘middle-distance foot race’ – meaning the runner would have to complete a mile long race, i.e. 1600meters course. That may sound like a lot, but think about it, that is approximately four times around the goal post of a football field. That’s simple enough!
Once you are an employee of a Financial Institution, we WANT you.  This is the region’s premier sporting event and you are able to participate and join other runners who have been able to go that EXTRA MILE and gain success.
On Wednesday 13th April 2016 at 5pm, we will all gather at the Sand Track in the Queen’s Park Savannah as all the runners and walkers toe the line and wait for the starter’s pistol.  Past participants would be aiming to improve on their 2015 times, while the new runners would be eager to get their names on the 2016 leader board and show off their abilities and conquer that EXTRA MILE!

Participating in the mile race is not only for the gold and bragging rights, but those accomplishing that 1600 meter race would get you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. As members of the 8-4 desk bound atmosphere, this is a good opportunity to get up and be active.
CariFin’s core values are Fun, Friendship and Fitness – with this in mind, it is time to come out from behind that desk and indulge in some sporting activities with your co-workers at this year’s 2016 Carifin Games. Create a team in your department or office and develop a training regime so each person’s abilities could be ascertained, i.e. based on strength, flexibility, endurance and speed – in lieu of the 2016 Games. Exercising together would be a fun team building opportunity, so it is a win-win for everyone involved.

We are prompting healthy lifestyles and activities to keep all participants energized but, we are more that just fitness. As the core values stated, Carifin is all about Fun and Friendship also. The camaraderie between competitors, various company teams and even the supporters all make the entire Games an exciting and fun-filled atmosphere.
People you would normally pass on the streets from other Financial Institutions would now be competing against you and challenging you to be the best person you can be. At the CariFin Games, strangers would become friend and friend would become like family.
There are over 10 categories to be able to achieve success and run away with the gold. Each race, whether it is running and walking competitions, is divided in the six (6) groups based on the age groups for both male and female participants. For those who are not gold medal ready, we have not forgotten you… there are award participation for the other placings besides the top 10.

It has been recorded in the history books that people were running in mile long races since the 18th and 19th century and the races were keenly followed mostly by gamblers. Coming from such simple and humble beginnings, the mile race survived all these years and has still been able to be a race that challenges runners to constantly better themselves.
In 1954, Roger Bannister was the first runner to record a sub four (4) minuted for running a mile in 3:59.4.  Since then, this time has been surpassed on many occasions worldwide by professional athletes and school children. They were able to conquer this mystical distance or the 1500 metric version.
The current world record for the 1500 meters race of 3.26 was made in July 1998 by Moroccan runner, Hicham El Guerrouj in Rome. One year later, he set another record for the mile/1600 meters in Rome again by running 3:43.13.
Women have also seen the success in both formats of the mile race. Ethiopian, Genzebe Dibaba, has held the world record since July 2015, when she competed in Monaco and recorded a time of 3:50.07.  In August 1996, Russia runner, Svetlana Masterkova earned herself a world record by completing the mile/1600 meters in 4:12.56 in Zurich.

Not only have professional athletes been able to make a record breaking run, we have record breaking athletes within the Financial Sector who have competed in Carifin Games over its 25 year history.

Here are some times:
Nikosi Mc Leish of RBC:
o   Holds the record for making the mile in 4:57 back in 2010
o   He also holds the record for the most wins of five (5) times in the CarFin Cross Country, between 2007 to 2010 and 2013.

Shayne Barran of Republic Bank
o   In 2012, completed the sand track mile race in 5:10

Wendy D’arbasie of CBTT:

o   She one of the two (2) women who were able to run the mile under seven (7) minutes.
o   In 2013, she completed the sand track course in 6:46

Lee Hay of CITIBANK:
o   She is the other esteemed female athlete to achieve an under seven minute record
o   She completed the mile race in 2014 in 6:48

We at CariFin, may not be competing on the level of the IAAF Championships or have participants who train with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic team, we may not have the best tracks and grounds to compete on, but we do the best with what we have. We can say proudly that at Carifin in our 25 year history, we have had and still have the best participants who embody our core values. Our competitors all have a positive outlook on life and show qualities of determination, endurance, stamina and the drive to achieve success.

We keep the Games lively and exciting each year to avoid the monotony so the competitors look forward to a new fresh categories and challenge. This allows us to select the champions and stars of the Games and it would promote all the Carifin stands for FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.


In 2016, be prepared to become a part of a great event.  Participating in the mile race event would encourage you to put your best foot forward as you head towards a fitter and better you. In anticipation of the 2016 Carifin Games, your training regime would assist in getting yourself healthier for the long run.

Based on your improved fitness levels, you would become stronger, have more flexibility, speed, balance and develop a greater endurance; all of which would be needed when competing in mile race event. With less than two (2) month before the Carifin tribe descends onto the Queen’s Park Savannah sand track, to commence one of the biggest sporting events for the Financial Sector.

Once the mile race event is over, the 2nd competitive and athletic event on our 2016 calendar is the GREEN MILE and it is carded for Wednesday 13th April at 5pm.  Don’t miss all the action, fun, and excitement of the 25th edition of the Mile Race event as well as the Green Mile.

Come out and support your favourite team and runner. Come out and share in the excitement of the Carifin 2016 Games as we celebrate – FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.

Contact your institution representative for more information about the races and Carifin Games. It is time to put on your running shoes and get on board with Carifin to help us make 2016 and our 25th anniversary a year to remember for many more years to come.

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