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CariFin Cross Country 2018

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CariFin Cross Country 2018

Sevilla Golf Course


Endurance is the objective, as we journey to Sevilla on May 20th for CariFin’s 27th annual Cross Country 2018.

There are no time outs, no rest benches and laps to complete. Like champions we trek over the scenic route of Sevilla’s natural beauty.  Experience the nostalgia of a rich history with her sharp turns, undulating slopes and the neighboring Brechin Castle Sugar Factory. Remember support goes a long way so bring out your posse to edge you on to the finish.

We look forward to seeing you at the finish line.

The Build Up

After completing the three prelim-heats – One Lap Savannah, Green Mile, Chancellor Challenge, successful male and female competitors are qualified entrants to the Cross Country event.  Best overall runner goes to first place male and female competitors.

The Route

Female competitors will make two (2)5.3 kilometers, while their male counterparts will make three (3) 7.5 kilometer laps around the lush green Sevilla Golf Course.  Remember, you can only claim your fame if you are in the top ten (10).

Your Claim

All finishers will receive medals.  The top 10 winners will receive cash prizes.  The overall winner receives a challenge trophy and replica of the Challenge Trophy.

Cross Country Walk –  Walk

This is a 1 Lap race around the 2.2 km course.  All finishers will receive medals, cash prizes for the top 5 male and female and the overall winners male and female receives a trophy.

Note: Walkers are reminded it’s a “Walking Race”; anyone caught running will be disqualified.

Fun Run

The fun run is an event open to family and friends, as well as the beginner status runners – meaning, that their mile pace would be between 9–10 minutes. That person would finish a 5K in 28–30 minutes

All finishers will receive medals while the overall and age group winners receive hampers for places 1st – 3rd.

We’ve added another exciting feature to promote all teams and build comradery whilst having maximum fun and sharing epic memories. Just for you we have introduced “We Did It” -:

We Did It – Make it memorable and make points!

Take photos with Miss CariFin of another team and get 10 points, with your Miss CariFin representative it’s 5 points. Take pictures with key people, at key places, doing fun things showing it to the world. Take pictures against the backdrop of CariFin step n repeat banner with friends. Post your picture on Facebook and instagram with hashtag #Sevillaididit #CarifinCrossCountry  #CariFinMemory #CariFinStrong

The number of likes is added to your team’s overall score. Your team performance also gets you points.

Added to that are the following: –

For every 1st place winner on your team 30 points.

2nd place 20 points

3rd place 10 points

*Age group wins, get (half of what was offered to the open category)

Some benefits you will receive are:

A one (1) -minute video celebrating the team.

We seal the moment and celebrate your success – telling your story in a timeless way. You will be treated to a photo shoot and be featured on CariFin’s blog, on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and live. There will be photo op with celebrities on the day.

Prizes are as follows: 

Urban Challenge: Overall Winners-Walkers Male & Female


2nd– Hamper

3rd– Hamper

Urban Challenge: Overall Winners- Runners Male & Female

1st– Hamper

2nd– Hamper

3rd– Hamper

Best of 4 Events: Overall Winners: Runners Male & Female

1st– Hamper


3rd– Hamper

Best of 4 Events: Overall Winners: Walkers Male & Female

1st– Hamper

2nd– Hamper

3rd– Hamper

Cross Country Walk Male & Female

1st– $500.

2nd– $400.

3rd– $350.

4th– $300.

5th– $250.

Cross Country Run- Group 20-29 Male & Female

1st– $175.

2nd– $125.

3rd– $100.

Cross Country Run- Group 30-39 Male & Female

1st– $175.

2nd– $125.

3rd– $100.

Cross Country Run- Group 40-49 Male & Female

1st– $175.

2nd– $125.

3rd– $100.

Cross Country Run- Group 50-59 Male & Female

1st– $175.

2nd– $125.

3rd– $ 100.

Cross Country Run Male & Female (GRAND PRIZE)


1st–  $1,800.

2nd– $1,200.

3rd– $1,000.

4th– $800.

5th– $700.

6th– $600.

7th– $500.

8th– $400.

9th– $300.

10th– $200.

We are bubbling with excitement to witness the victors of the day.



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