CariFin Female Race heats up!!! CariFin Female Race heats up!!! |

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CariFin Female Race heats up!!!

by carifinman · 0 comments

CARIFIN Female Race heats up with the return of Central Bank in 2016

For the past two (2) years, the Central Bank has been missing from participation in the Carifin Games.  Having dominated the female competition for the past years, will the Bank recapture its former glory iand show the financial sector who is boss in 2016?


Wendy D’arbasie

In the possible lineup for 2016 is the evergreen Wendy D’Arbasie, arguably one of the Central Bank’s (CBTT) top  distance athletes who despite being eligible for Masters category, continues to hold her own.  In 2013, she left the field at the top of her game and winning all the challenges – from the Savannah 1-Lap, the Chancellor Hill as well as the cross country race held at the Sevilla Golf Course.

During Wendy’s absence, the road honours and titles were achieved by athletes from other financial institutions. The glory of winning the cross country race at the 2014 Games was shared by Susan Russell from RBC and Lee Hay from CITI.  Susan Russell showed her prowess in the 2015 Games by winning two (2) events – the Savannah 1-Lap race and Green Mile event, while Adona Joseph from Sagicor took home the gold for the Chancellor Hill race and the cross country race at the Sevilla Golf Course.

Even though Wendy D’Arbasie was not competing in the CARIFIN Games in 2014 and 2015, she remained active in the running world and continued to post personal records in both local and international races. Locally, in 2014 she posted times of 21:48 for a 5k and 1:46:52 for a half marathon while internationally Wendy ran a 3:47:57 marathon, qualifying for participation in the elite Boston Marathon in April 2016, a feat that eludes many a long distance runner.  In 2015, Wendy continued to show her class when she posted times abroad of 21:17 for a 5k and 1:40:17 for a half marathon and shortly thereafter running another local personal best of 1:46:12 in the UWI half marathon.

Before Wendy became such an astounding athlete in long distance running against the best local and international athletes, she paved her own road towards success at the CARIFIN Games.  She was the overall winner at the 2012 and 2013 CARIFIN games. Wendy was able to win the coveted titles of four (4) races in 2013 – Savannah 1-Lap in 17.02, the Green Mile in 6.46, the Chancellor Challenge in 20.19 and she also clocked 26.39 at the cross country Sevilla course.

While CBTT took a hiatus from competing with CARIFIN, the team was still motivated and ensuring all athletes were maintaining and improving their abilities. They were also scouting for new talent to join their CARIFIN team.  CBTT employee, Salina Scott is a good example of this constant training.  Salina has been training hard and has competed in several races.  In 2015, she ran 48.00 when she competed in Guardian Group Shine 10K while in the 2016 TTUTA 10k she ran 47:55.  She also ran the TTIM 5k and achieved a time of 23:04.   With a performance like that, she has confirmed her spot on the 2016 CBTT team.

Whilst CBTT’s athletes’ skill and awesome stamina was missed by CARIFIN, other up and coming female athletes had an opportunity to blossom and make a name for themselves in the 2015 Games.  Susan Russell (RBC Bank) had early success as she won the Savannah 1-Lap and the Green Mile races. She was poised to also take the gold for the Chacellor Hill Challenge, but runners from Sagicor, Guardian Group and FCB had different plans for that gold medal. Here are some of their race statistics:

1st place – Adona Joseph (Sagicor) in 16.18
2nd place – Jiletta Landeau (Guardian) in 1618
3rd place – Kateri Landeau (FCB) in 17.31
4th place – Susan Russell (RBC Bank) in18.39

With reputations to defend, the 2016 Games should be filled with interesting and exciting moments. Central Bank, as the supervisor/regulator of the financial system will be bringing out its full arsenal to show the rest of the industry who ‘s the boss, both on and off the field, returning to its former glory and ensuring that its stamp of authority is seen and felt by all.  Let the games begin!!


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