Carifin Games is going to revolutionize your approach to personal fitness Carifin Games is going to revolutionize your approach to personal fitness |

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Carifin Games is going to revolutionize your approach to personal fitness

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1. CariFin Games is a going to revolutionize your approach to personal fitness and why it might be the best part to personal fitness you will ever need keeping you motivated and making it simple for you to keep fit.

2. CariFin caters for every level of fitness
From the couch potato to the slim and fit
Everyone is welcome and encourage to participate

3. CariFin promotes fun, fitness and fitness
Fun and Friendship working together to accelerate fitness
It allow you to be highly motivated

4. CariFin is a multi-event, with a cross country and Family Day
This allow a longer span to improve overall fitness
You can win some very handsome and valuable prizes

5. CariFin Challenges Teams to do well
They set up inhouse training program
Well trained teams can walk away with major prize
And win the admiration and respect of the financial community

6. You support our charity – The Lupus Foundation
You make a contribution to a worthy cause
You can make a difference if you participate

7. CariFin recognizes excellence
The top performers are honored
The overall winner, top 3, top 10 are heavily featured

8. 20 years experience – we have stood the test of time
Longevity has allowed us to serve many
A consistent and trusted platform for fitness

9. Many sporting career have been launched and flourish
Having being nurtured, encouraged and then recognized
Stardom, glory and bragging rites are aplenty

10. CariFin remains the showcase of the financial community
To promote the top rank athletes, best aerobics, best tug of war team, best dancers and Ms. CariFin.
Biggest gathering of fitness enthusiast of the financial services sector

11. CariFin activities fight sedentary life style
In a technology advance society CariFin pushes for an active lifestyle.
Thus continuing the fight against obesity and life threatening disease.

12. CariFin encourages work life balance
More leisure time to spend with love ones
Better physical and mental health

13. CariFin fosters networking and friendship
People get a meet people
What an aha moment
Great friendly camaraderie

14. CariFin is made for you
Because we got fun, fitness & friendship
Every year you can challenge yourself to improve
The sky is the limit

15. Walking, Running, Cricket, Football, All Fours, Novelty, dancing, Tug – of – War
We offer a wide range of fitness activities
Everyone is welcome.

16. CariFin has a big presence on the net
With a lot of Google love in the top 3 places
We could be easily found
From, Facebook, to twitter, on our podcast and our very own website

17. So don’t sit on the fence
Come on in
Be part of CariFin 2011
We are 20 years in the business
Come for fitness stay for fun and friendship

18. Not part of CariFin 2011
Talk to your HR, Marketing or Sports Club.
Tell them you want to come in
Don’t delay … Don’t wait

19. See you at CariFin Games
Fun, Fitness and Friendship lives

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