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CariFin Games Volunteers 2015


The volunteers of the CariFin Games 2015 are committed to playing a vital role in the organization.  The skills and knowledge of these volunteers serves to be  important to making this year’s event one to look forward to. More importantly, a shared purpose between this team and consumers is of utmost importance. The ideas is that, the team alone could organize a good event, but connecting with the consumers/participants can do so much more to create the kind of experience in the events, that the consumers will appreciate for a long time to come.

Below is list of the volunteers who would be contributing to this year’s event success. They would give of their time and energy to make sure the CariFin Games 2015 is a success,  and in the process create a shared purpose.



Keila Fraser

My name is Keila Fraser and I get the job done. I am determined and driven and I set targets and accomplish them in the allocated time or less. I have a background in corporate communications and project management.
I strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and so I am always actively seeking opportunities to volunteer my skills. As part of the CariFin team, I am responsible for the development of the newsletter and ensuring that it is aligned with the organization’s brand.



Tesson Bradshaw

Tesson Bradshaw – Carifin Volunteer – 

Hello my name is Tesson Bradshaw. To describe me I would use one of my favorite quote. I consider myself a crayon, I might not be your favorite color but one day you’ll need me to complete your picture. So I came to add my color to carifin.
I am the events manager for cariFin Games 2015, my job is to make sure the infrastructure is in place for everything to start. Hope to meet with the CariFin massive and connect as we create value in that fun, fitness and friendship way.




Keisha Coward-Weekes

Keisha Coward-Weekes  – Carifin Volunteer

Hi my name is Keisha Coward-weekes I am the Facebook Blogger for the group, my job is to create content for the social media. So expect some pretty good stuff from me. Keep returning regularly and you will find the latest updates as you follow the action about CariFin Games 2015.






Candace Maundy & Dhawren  St Bryce  –  CariFin Volunteers

Candace Maundy










Hi. I’m Dhawren, creative director and I’m Candace, manager of Zwade Studio. Although we are not part of any financial institution, we stumbled upon the Carifin Games Facebook page that encompasses all. But since we can’t be in the actual events, why not be a part of the committee?!! We believe that “teamwork makes the dream work!”, therefore we decided to use our media skills with that added zeal and devotion for fitness, to assist in the overall development of Carifin Games 2015. We look forward to making this teamwork a success!!

 Liselle Roberts –  CariFin Volunteer


Liselle Roberts

My name is Liselle Roberts. I’m a first timer to Carifin, but I’m not new to Sporting Events. I’m a sport

enthusiast!! I decided to be a apart of the Carifin Team this year because of my love for sports and my interest in volunteering. I’m excited and I hope you will be too!!! Let’s make this happen!!





Lucky Pinder –  CariFin Volunteer


Lucky Pinder

My name is Lucky Pinder and I have a passion for fitness and healthy living. This organization’s core vision and mission is in full alignment with my values, hence my desire to be proudly affiliated with it. If these events can create a sense of togetherness, genuine fun and harness an appreciation for an active lifestyle among participants then my objectives as a volunteer will be achieved. I am eager to meet and assist you in any way possible, so look out for me.





Cherisse Jones – CariFin Volunteer  Cherisse_Jones

My name is Cherisse Jones. Whilst browsing through Facebook, I came across the Carifin page which intrigued me due to the sportsmanship and the unity to promote health and fitness. Being somewhat of a health and fitness person, I decided that I wanted to be part of CariFin Games 2015 and try to assist in any possible way that I can. I am looking forward to meeting and contributing in this year events.



Crisell_AcresCrisell AcresCariFin Volunteer  

My name is Crisell, and I am a student at the University of the West Indies Open Campus. It has been a while now since I have been seeking out voluntary groups but I have not been accepted. However it was happiness brought to my heart when I came across the Carifin family and though I’m new I feel welcome as I am always posted and kept up-to-date with everything. I can’t wait to experience Carifin 2015. Hope to meet many and share my love for sports with them.


Jeunee Elisha  – CariFin Volunteer   Jen_Elisha

I believe in success through hard work and dedication. My motto in life is ‘If you want something, work hard and you will achieve it.’ I enjoy life to the fullest and love humour. I volunteered for CariFin games to contribute my academic and leadership skills. I hope my contributions would help make the events a success.




George_SwannGeorge Swann – CariFin Volunteer  

My name is George Swann and I hail from Diego Martin. I am a firm believer in having a healthy, active lifestyle and have a passion for sport in general. I am currently pursuing a Bsc in Sports Management at the UWI so joining the CariFin team was a natural fit in terms of my career development plans.
In addition to learning the intricacies of managing sporting events, I can also experience the pleasure of being involved directly with promoting and organising an established event and the social networking opportunities it provides.As a newcomer to the team my main goal is to offer my various skills and expertise to contribute to the final product we deliver which we expect would be a successful CariFin 2015.

 Charelle Chin King – CariFin VolunteerCharelle_Chin_King

Hi my name is Charelle and after attending all of the Carifin track and field events and family days for the past two years I have decided that- if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em! As I am not employed with a financial service organisation (in addition to not quite being the next Usain Bolt), I am not eligible to compete in the events. Therefore, instead of being just a screaming onlooker cheering on my family and friends, I decided to put my passion for fitness and organization skills to good use and assist in the planning and execution of the 2015 Carifin Games. Looking forward to meeting some of this year’s participants and being of assistance in any way that it is required.