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CariFin LNO2

by carifinman · 0 comments

CariFin LNO2 Is On!

Our regular Carifin crew plus newbies to LNO with tickets in hand can’t wait for Saturday night as CariFin Ladies Night Out 2 is on!

It’s not too far fetched to think that after all the intense competition, rivalry and banter that emerged from the 2 months of inter-financial competition in CariFin, it now culminates in a celebration like CariFin Ladies Night Out 2. A celebration where fun, fitness and friendship comes alive. A time for champions, competitors and fans to come together to celebrate a successful 2019 Games.

This event takes place on Saturday, June 29, 2019, at La Cantina Lounge at Victoria Avenue (opposite Tranquility School) from 10 p.m. till.

Just to set the mood let’s hear what some repeat attendees had to say, “The music was fabulous at LNO last year, I had a blast!” said Sparkle who had a ball for 2018 and is rounding up her crew to dance the night away on Saturday. Natifa, expressed her desire to be there on Saturday, “My friends and I had a great time at LNO last year, we will be there again!!!”

And Natasha wished the vibes could have lasted longer “Could have done with another hour, finished too soon!!

I stepped over to Salina Scott 2019 CariFin female Champion runner and first time attending the CariFin LNO, Instagram timeline and she wants it to be known on Saturday – LNO2 “Which organization could party the hardest?” Though we have stepped off the playing field – the competition continues in a fun way – “which institution would have bragging rights to partying the hardest?

Team TTMF (The Transformers) Miss CariFin dancers would represent and Miss CariFin Kharena Chee-Wah had this toy, “Ladies Night Out 2 is the place to be this Saturday…can’t go wrong with the price and can’t definitely can’t go wrong with the vibes! I urge my fellow colleagues to come out in their numbers and have fun with us, you won’t want to miss it!

The only suggestion is to come out and see!

For tickets call these people:

Sparkle: 740 2332
Shawn:  324 4531
Salina:  739 7272
Wayne: 487 9487

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