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The Green Mile in Review

Green_M We are getting prepped for next Wednesday’s Green Mile event and the excitement is electric because this is a much shorter event – with just one mile of go and get it over with. What makes this year’s Green Mile even more intriguing is there is no clear favourite in sight – anyone of the top 3 guys could breast the tape first and the same outcome can be expected in the women’s race with a few variables.

Interesting things have been happening throughout this year’s CariFin events. One main one is the 1 lap savannah….it was a battle of the fittest between three outstanding athletes, Rashad Blenman, Jedidiah Banjamin and John Donaldson, with Blenman behind the others, in the vacinity of the  St. Ann’s roundabout. With some pep talk and support from his peers, Blenman made a run for it and it was around Memorial Park when he caught up with Benjamin and Donaldson who were in the lead. It was an adrenaline-pumped race from there, with Donaldson totally surprised to see Blenman not only catching up with him but also passing him. After this, it was clear that the race was between Blenman and Benjamin. It was a close encounter for Benjamin but in the end, as they approached TGI, they both made a wild dash for the finish line. Benjamin kicked for home with Blenman right behind. In the end, as we all know by now Benjamin had the better day and won by probably a hairline.

The Green Mile promises similar action, with the top 3 athletes very close to each other in terms of performance. But as the countdown continues, we await that day to see who will take the title. The Green Mile race would be settled somewhere around the 200/150 meters mark with the dude with best kick, the most stamina, a higher threshold tolerance for pain or just bad ass would reign. A lot of variables could play out on Wednesday.

If Benjamin wins the Wednesday’s encounter he would have 2 points and that means if Blenman is in with any chance of levelling the series he must win the next 2 races – the Chancellor and Sevilla. Blenman is a fighter with a big heart and we have seen that he usually gives his all. The great competitor that he is, Blenman jumped on the running scene last year with a big performance which saw him do 5.43 for the Green Mile after a dismal start in 1 Lap Savannah where he finished 10th and claimed the 2nd spot in the Green Mile in the next event. In that race Donaldson trailed in a time of 5.50 for 3rd place.
If young Benjamin can gun it out with the best CariFin athletes, we are set up for a very exciting race on Wednesday.


Among the women the competition so far clearly seems to be Lee Hay of CITI who has a 17.20 time for the 1 Lap Savannah and Laverne Evelyn of Scotiabank with a 18.02. They are the hot picks for the Green Mile

. Could Evelyn account for that 42 seconds disparity over a mile with Lee Hay?  With the Central Bank duo of Wendy D’arbasie and Esla Anthony out of the fray 6.46 and 7.04 timing respectively Lee Hay could go unchallenged but we’ll see on Wednesday.

AliyaIn the walk we expect Harrikissoon to fend off all challengers as he look for his 4th straight win in thisevent. With a 10.24 in 2011, 10.04 in 2012 and further improvement in 2013 of 9.52, all eyes should be on him as he try to usher himself in the realm of great performers in CariFin Games.

In the female category last week’s 1Lap Savannah winner Aliya Marisa Henry of RBL who completed the event in 25.46 have high hopes of completing the double in next week’s Green Mile. Her closest rival in the walk was Kendra Richins in 26.34 so unless someone new surfaces it’s only the breeze on the Southern side on the back stretch of the sand track to offer any resistance to the confident Henry.

All fans of athletics and CariFin Games as well as staff members and colleagues of the participants on Wednesday April 30, 2013 at 5.00 p.m. come out and represent your team… show support as we move on from this stage.

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