10 K’s

Simone Balkissoon

Simone Balkissoon

  If Simone Balkissoon had to describe herself in one word it would be determined.

This young lady from Team Sagicor takes her fitness seriously. Her determination has certainly paid off enabling her to secure good places in just her second year of participation at last year’s Carifin Games, 3rd at the One Lap Savannah, 3rd at the Chancellor Challenge and 9th at the Green Mile, all improvements from the year before. And although new to the Carifin Cross Country Event she still managed to place an impressive 2nd.

Simone admits to feeling a bit of an adrenalin rush before each race however her strategy is simple. For the tougher races like Chancellor, she holds back a little to get to a comfortable pace that she keeps until the end. An exemplar for the modern career woman of today, her training schedule is pretty rigid consisting of 2-3 runs per week (one chancellor and two laps savaanah), 2-3 TRX classes a week and the occasional pilates class. Outside of Carifin Simone has also taken part in the Scotia Bank Breast Cancer Run.

No stranger to fitness activity, she admits that exercise has always been a big part of her life having been in a gym for the past 10 years. She is now a proud member of the Sagicor Team, representing the company that she works for. A team that has grown immensely both in numbers and strength since their first participation in 2013. Their secret?

“Team Spirit” says Simone, and sends a warning to the other teams to expect an even stronger Sagicor team this year as they have even more new runners lined up.

And talking about team spirit, a high point for her at the Games is the level of camaraderie within the team. This is what makes Carifin Games so special and unique. It is also an opportunity to interact with the CEOs and Executives on another level “you get to see another side of people”. This has always been the major objective of Carifin .

Founded in 1991 as a series of sporting events developed to promote health, fitness, teamwork, camaraderie and friendship within the financial services sector, Carifin has grown to be a premier event on the sporting calendar.

When asked if she could change one thing about Carifin Games it would be to use Odessey once again for the race timings as she found they were much more efficient with timings up on the website within hours after the race.

All in all the Carifin experience has been an enjoyable one for her and she gives special thanks to Mr. Wayne Roberts and his team for the work, time and effort in making the event a reality each year.

Some words of advice for her female peers?

“Prioritise your health, take time to exercise regardless of how busy things get at the office”.

Great words of advice especially for the career woman of today !

We look forward to seeing more of Simone at the Carifin Games 2015.

It’s a New Year and that means once again the Carifin Calendar is abuzz with sporting activity, and as Simone indicated her Sagicor team is coming even stronger this year, which means the competition will be fierce, so teams you have to start preparing from NOW!

You don’t want to miss out on the fun and the action so put these dates on your calendar now:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.24.13 PM

We expect that this year will be even bigger and more exciting than years gone by with the return of defending teams and champions and we also give a special welcome to the new teams and athletes coming on board to be a part of the Carifin experience.

We look forward to a great year !    



                         “Never be too competitive to lend a hand to a fellow competitor in need”

                                        Wayne Rochard

                                                          Winner “The Spirit of the Games” Trophy 2014 (male)

This stateme15268789870_47462a5315_znt embodies the true essence of what the Carifin Games is all about, the camaraderie, team spirit and the togetherness.

It is this spirit of unity among participants (mainly members of the Financial Sector) that makes participation in Carifin games so unique and memorable. After winning “The Spirit of the Games Trophy” (male) this year Wayne Rochard admitted that he received lots of love and heartfelt

wishes from his peers.

A participant at the Games for just over 8 years now Wayne (who works at FCB Bank) seems to be like fine wine getting better and better each year .Winning the trophy has changed his life, prior to this he very rarely worked out but now he has incorporated a fitness regimen in his everyday life, challenging himself so that he would always be prepared for upcoming events. He has admitted to becoming more disciplined and focused over the years and his goal is to continuously do better.

He lives by the motto of the three Ps ……Plan, Prepare and Participate.

“Once you plan then you prepare. Once I have prepared then participation comes naturally.”

This mindset is living testimony of what a true Carifin athlete is all about. The objective is not only about winning but improving and challenging yourself both physically and mentally. Carifin brings family, friends and co -worke

Determination from start to finish

rs together to support one another. Wayne admits that’s what he mostly loves about Carifin. “The coming together of financial institutions gives you that drive to compete for your team. Not forgetting the bragging rights until the next Carifin !!” It gives him a personal sense of achievement apart from his job and personal life and he has felt truly honoured to have received his Spirit of the Games Trophy. A trophy which he will be fighting hard to retain in 2015.Howe

ver he does have these parting words to all future participants and the Carifin public. “Prepare yourselves for CARIFIN Games. If one fails to prepare one’s goals are not met. Also include your family as supporters as we all come together in for “Fun, Fitness & Friendship.” We salute you Wayne on a job well done!


Run the EPOS 10K

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Hi members of CariFin – Team in Training

The EPOS 10 K is taking place on November 15, 2009 at 3.15 pm.

flyer-new I am kindly asking you if you could again participate under the CariFin Banner at this race.

The reason being we had an issue with the size of the Nature Valley logo on our running   vest for the UWI half marathon.

It was only resolve on the morning of the race by the race managers who allowed us to wear the race number over the Nature Valley logo.

Under such conditions the sponsor Nature Valley didn’t receive the usual kind of quality mileage or the acceptable level of exposure expected under the sponsorship.

In an attempt to add more value for their involvement and give us a better chance of getting the sponsorship next year (noting this is the 3rd year Nature Valley is on board)

We are kindly asking all in the participants in UWI half marathon to participate in the EPOS 10 K.

This will give us the opportunity to wear the uniform and this time it would be fully exposed and picture taken etc.

Also remember that EPOS 10 K would be one of the last advertize road races on the calendar for 2009 and maybe the last opportunity you have to race in Trinidad for the year.

The race being a 10K offers a little more opportunity to enjoy the race, meaning it is a little longer than the 5K, not as long as the half marathon so that gives you a little leeway in there to some good racing. You could try some surges, flow down the inclines and power up the hills and really have some real fun.

The kind of race play that put the fun in fitness to generate the exhilaration and excitement that this great sport can offer.

So all those who like a challenge and appreciate that great feeling of health and wellbeing this is the ideal event to come out to and enjoy, play and have fun!

Please call me 487 9487 to let me know if you are part of this great race on Sunday November 15, 2009 starting at 3.15 p.m.