Nikosi Mc Leish of RBTT Bank goes for his 4th straight CariFin title in the male CariFin Cross Country 3 lap event with Crystal Ann Awai of GHL striving for her 2nd straight win in the 2 lap female event on June 06, 2010.

This, the 19th Edition of this event, with the main objective of promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle and generating closer relationships among the staff of the financial services sector.

It takes place at Sevilla Golf Course, Brechin Castle, Couva with participating Financial institutions Republic Bank, RBTT Bank, Central Bank, First Citizens, GHL, Grace Kennedy, Intercommercial Bank, DIC and CITI.

Mc Leish, if he succeeds in his quest for his 4th straight win this year would join the only other two past winners, namely Lander Rodney and Curtis Cox who were able to attain that mark or title.

Crystal Ann Awai aims to make it her 2nd win in row and stamp her authority in this running space.

The female race is carded to be the first of the two cross country races with the projected start timebeing 3.15 p.m. The male race takes off after at 4.45 p.m. A big turnout is expected based on the recently concluded Urban Challenge event participation.


CBTT Nicola Robinson lifts CariFin Aerobic Title

Nicola Robinson

Nicola Robinson of Central Bank was the last person standing after a little more than one hour in the CariFin Aerobics Burnout. After a close encounter with last year winner Mumtaz Amarali of RBL the judges give the nod to Robinson. Over 100 participants started in this the final event of the 4 part series of the CariFin Urban Challenge – Aerobics Burnout. This took place on Wednesday May 12, 2010 at the Central Bank plaza and started at 5.15 p.m.

The crowd which consisted of a large number of home based CBTT fans erupted in ecstatic jubilation as Robinson was the last person left on the floor. This win for CBTT continued the good run of success that CBTT have been enjoying in the female category by picking up top 3 placings and a victory in the previous running Urban Challenge running events through the in-form Esla Anthony.

Mumtaz Amarali was no walk-over in the “Plaza” as she was coming into this final event of the Urban Challenge with a win in probably the toughest of the 3 running events – The Green Mile.  Amarali pulled off the 1st win of her CariFin career as a runner over the much fancied Crystal Ann Awia of GHL – the most celebrated runner of last year and Esla Anthony the winner of the One Lap Savannah.

In the end the CariFin Aerobics Burnout was a fine display of physical endurance and prowess from the full slate of over 100 participants who started to the final 5 that represented the crème de la crème of fitness in the industry. This shows the potential and the level of excellence that exist among our ranks.

The top 6 places in the events in ascending order were, 6th Shirifa Baskh, 5th Krystle Gomez of RBL, 4th Filomi Marcano of First Citizens, 3rd went to Esla Anthony CBTT, 2nd Mumtaz Amarali of RBL and Nicola Robinson of CBTT took 1st place. In the male category Ryan Pierre of GHL took 1st place.


Should we have a category for bigger size people?

To do well in CariFin and in particular the urban is not an easy challenge. It not like when we just start 19 years ago and the naturally talented or you happen to be involved in the sport of running or aerobics you would win and maybe dominate. CariFin Urban challenge has an appeal and attraction that have cause participants to move from the casual position of weekend warriors or the off and on kind of participants to adopt a strict regimen of discipline, in sometimes year round activities.

This is a point we must recognize and we must reward the people who make the effort who improve, who come up to you and say, “I am going to train and come back and surprise you next year.”

That is the power of an event that has survived over the years to try to serve the needs of the staff of the participating institutions. That is mainly about staff satisfaction. When a staff member does well within the categories we have establish we recognize and honour these people through our various media. We give them a prize, a token, the recognition of an interview via, newsletter, blog, video or audio. At least we create a space for them to have and give them a bit of bragging rights among friends and colleagues.

It all about staff satisfaction, it’s all about recognition. This year I have seen a number of participants taking part in CariFin Urban Challenge that suggest to me as I have suggested to committee that we should have a criteria or category for people of certain weight. In triathlon they have the cydale category… The Biggest Loser competition have brought to our attention the need to create a space for big people to compete to be a part of everyday competition to give them a chance to challenge themselves, a chance to set goals to lose some weight. And this category could be very exciting and fun.

We should of work to put in place this category to cater for our bigger friends. This would of help us to help then in ways we have not dream of as yet. But firstly the participants this year who wish to get involved in this category would have to have their weight taken prior to the start of the series like at the one Lap Savannah. And the best of say the participants over 185 for the women and over 200 lbs for the men would qualify for a prize structure.

The weight registered this year would of being used to determine “the biggest loser” for next year.
What do you think should we introduce such a category? Do you think we could help or have a part to play in weight loss process of people in the financial services sector by offer this opportunity, categories for people to compete but at the end of the day we would be creating another categories of stars and winners just as or bigger than our overall or age-group categories. It gets my vote. What do you say? I see this having other spin offs and it look good. What is your opinion?  I would really like to hear you’re your take on this as we try to meet the needs of the levels of participants in the industry.

For one I will like to offer some special prizes for this special group of tryers.


Mc Leish credits year round training

May 18, 2010

Nikosi credits year round training for his progress in CariFin. It’s not magic, it’s no difficult formula, it’s a simple mantra, “Just do it!” Put on a jersey, running short and go out and train”. With this clear uncluttered way forward, it’s a simple road to running success for Nikosi Mc Leish. It’s the difference […]

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Carifin Interviews Football winners Republic Bank at Barataria

May 16, 2010


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Mc Leish 3 outta 3! Awai storms back to take the hill!

May 6, 2010

Mc Leish 3 outta 3! Awai storms back to take the hill! Mc Leish makes it 3 out of three while lowering the time significantly further by one minute and two seconds, moving from time of 13.13 in 2009 to 12.09 this year. After placing 3rd in the One Lap Savannah and 7th in the […]

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CBTT Biggest Loser Competitition

April 23, 2010


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Feedback Friday

April 23, 2010

Hi this is feedback Friday I am giving you the opportunity to tell what you think we should be doing. I am all ears. It’s Friday and I am really excited as we move on to event number two, however, before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to thank everyone for coming […]

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10 Things you should know about the CariFin Urban Challenge 2010 & CariFin in General

April 23, 2010

10 Things you should know about the CariFin Urban Challenge 2010 & CariFin in General Both running and walking categories are catered for in the Games to try and encourage greater participation The 3 running events would be categorized together.   So we would be able to assume the top 10 runners of the Urban Challenge. […]

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Beat your 2009 time. It’s all about you!

April 19, 2010

Beat your 2009 time. It’s all about you! CariFin is all about you the individual taking personal responsibility for your own level of fitness and personal well-being through these events. The Urban Challenge is meant to be… warm – up events to get the individual participants to an appreciable level of fitness where they could take on the uneven terrain at Sevilla golf course. The men […]

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