“It is all about speed come this 2010”

These were the almost fighting words from Nikosi Mc Leish after the CLICO 5K on Sunday January 24, 2010. He clocked 17.57 a modest time and one he could feel some what satisfied with based on the hot temperature for the race, his pre race projections was around 17.40

A man who is always looking to up his game, Nikosi blurted out his plans of running at least 3 track events for 2010. In fact it was not just the idea of track running that was striking but the statement – “It was all about speed come this 2010!”

A man with a clear focus and who generally knows what he wants and when you look at him from a historical perspective – with three CariFin wins behind his name, these are definitely not just empty words.

This is someone with a definiteness of purpose and strong self confidence that would not be offering shallow excuses for failure when the time comes to perform.

It all about speed as he says and definitely we would be looking to see at least his 5000 meters time reflective of that promised speed later down in 2010.

I have no doubt in my mind that he can’t move up to that new dimension of speed and be on the cutting edge.  This no doubt would raise the frontier in the financial services sector so other runners are left with no choice but to go faster or be left behind.

Based on other institutions times for internal 5K or individual performances in other 5K we see times like sub 20 minutes and late 20 something as top male times.

The familiarity of the road races and the compactness of the asphalt street seem to breed a certain amount of contempt and boredom for Mc Leish at this time, but the stadium track seems to offers a fresher perspective, more bounce and a keener challenge he is no doubt just willing to relish the track.

If just to renew his hunger and confirm his passion and when he return on the road have it reflective in the enhancement of the number game.