Best Tent


CariFin Crew, we are on the home stretch – “On the Road to Sevilla”!!

The CariFin Games 2018 culminates with the much anticipated CariFin Cross Country and Family Day on Saturday, March 20.
Action kicks-off from 10:00 am, and promises a packed day of fun-filled, exciting events until 7:00 p.m.
One such event is the “Best Tent” Competition, where teams showcase teamwork, their most creative ideas, talents and skills, by way of uniquely decorated tents.
Last year, First Citizens WOWed the judges with their extremely creative and mesmerizing presentation which featured a balloon chandelier and lush greenery to capture the title.
Will First Citizens reign supreme once again? Or will Guardian Group come to seek revenge?
Or who do you think will reign supreme?

Interested in participating?
There’s still time to pull together your team.

See the rules below:

The respective teams are invited to create and coordinate a themed decor for the tent to which their respective institution is assigned. Tents are judged on the following criteria:

·      The team’s presentation which must last for a maximum of 3 minutes.

·      The team’s music to accompany the presentation.

·      The team’s Interpretation of its Theme via colour, design and optional, related educational literature.

·      Extra points are awarded if the team’s Miss CariFin candidate is present and has a knowledge of her tent’s display.

·      Tent must be completely decorated by 9.30 am or they will be penalized.




The CariFin ‘Best Tent’ competition is yet another aspect where institutions and their team members can come together and vie for the ‘top position’. It allows teams to explore their creative sides and tap into their inner Martha Stewart. The respective teams are invited to create and co-ordinate a themed decor for the tent to which their respective institution is assigned. This year, while all the teams did not compete in this competition, we saw competitors putting in a lot of effort into their teams’ decor. Tents’ are judged on the following criteria: The team’s presentation (3mins), the team’s music, the team’s Interpretation of the Theme, Colour and Design, and extra points are awarded if the team’s Ms CariFin candidate is present.

This year’s CariFin ‘Best Tent’ Winner’s First Citizens Bank had judges mesmerized, by the lush green foliage arrangement complete with a water fountain, balloon chandelier, and the just the overall décor of the First Citizens Tent. The enthusiasm of the First Citizens team, inclusive of this year’s Ms CariFin winner Ms Falomi Marcano aided the team in their victory, winning the title and trophy for the first time with 355pts. The tent was skilfully executed by some First Citizens staff members lead by Rosely Williams and was done in memoriam, paying tribute to a fallen comrade, Keston Gabriel, who was one of the Bank’s top Urban Challenge performers.

Last year winners Guardian Group, was on their heels captivating the judge’s attention and coming in 2nd place with a colourful and beautiful balloon arrangement complete with arches and even had balloons arranged into the shape of the letter ‘G’ adorning either side of their tent. They obtained 325pts from the judges.

The third place honor was given to Sagicor, who not only adorned their tent in their company’s colors but also had their team adorned in beautiful costumes to match. They were awarded 300pts by the judges.

Yet another successful competition this year and we look forward to participants pushing the envelope next year in 2018.








Pos Team Points
1st GHL 456
2nd Intercommercial Bank Limited 441
3rd First Citizens 430
4th Central Bank 426
5th RBC 395.5
6th Scotiabank 370
7th Republic Bank