Carifin 2011


By Guest writer – Grashan George of Team CBTT

Akeem Simon - 15:14 minutes!

CariFin 2011 started off with The Torch run relay which took place on March 26, 2011.  Central Bankers came out in their numbers to support the opening event of the CariFin Games.  A steady stream of staff made it all the way to Republic Bank Couva ensuring that Central Bank was always represented when came their time to carry the Torch.  Congrats to Wayne, Lester, Shawn and others who showed endurance to the end!!!

Then it was on to the One Lap Savannah on April 06, 2011. Esla, Wendy and others

Joan John - Deputy Governor of CBTT carrying the Torch

made a good showing as well as our new members of staff, particularly Akeem “Sky” Simons that had patrons excited about his expected performance, he didn’t disappoint coming in sixth in the male category in a time of 15:14 minutes!



One Lap Top Performers!

Well done Anne Marie!








Then it was on to the Green Mile on April 13, 2011, which took place on the inside track of the Queens Park Savannah, CBTT staff came out in their numbers to support as well as to participate.

Fabien coming in at an impressive 8:28 minutes

Krystle showing endurance and style!






Next up was the Chancellor Challenge on April 27, 2011 and boy what a challenge it was!! never to be taken lightly, it separates the weak minded from the determined; Central Bank had a good turnout for this event despite the rainy weather and supported each other all the way to the finish line.  Central Bank ladies, Esla, Wendy and Chelsea made a clean sweep, capturing the female 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing in this event.

CBTT ready to go!!

Esla conquered the hill in 18:45 min










Basking in the glory

The Aerobics Burnout was held on May 11, 2011. The Central Bank ladies shone brightly! Krystle Gomez and Ayana George put up a formidable front. Krystle and Ayana proudly walked away with 5th and 2nd place.





The Carifin Games climaxed with the Family Day held on the Sevilla Golf Course Couva. It was a lovely day; tents representing the various financial institutions were beautifully adorned for judging that would take place later that day

Executing our Dance Routine

There were tons of games and sporting activities for all ages, as well as the much anticipated Cross Country Run.  In the male category Akeem Simon of The Central Bank came out strong and determined all the way to the finish line with a proud placement of 2nd.  In the female category, our ladies Liza Brown-Worrell and Mayon Dragon, represented with stamina and style.  Our Ms. Central Bank Esla Anthony placed first in the female Fun Run category setting the pace for the events that followed later on in the day.

By afternoon it was time for each institution to present their dance routine and boy was CBTT ready after putting together a routine in less than 15 minutes…sheer genius.  In true trini style, Central Bank executed a high energy performance to Machel Montano’s ‘Blazing the trail’ and got the crowd hyped up with an impromptu instruction to wine by our Ms. Central Bank Queen Esla Anthony.  We walked away proudly with second place in both the dance and tent category.

Now it was late afternoon and time for the much anticipated crowning of the Ms. Carifin, without a doubt, our representative was the obvious winner from the start, she demonstrated, class, poise, intelligence and became the eventual much deserved winner, giving Central Bank its fourth consecutive win!!!

MS. Carifin 2011

The prize giving ceremony was held on July 21, 2011, where some participants relayed their experience, motivating everyone in attendance.

Akeem relaying his motivating experience!

Carifin 2011 was definitely fun filled; challenging and memorable. Central Bank staffers demonstrated their camaraderie, dedication and a fun-loving spirit.  Without a doubt we are looking forward to Carifin 2012!! Be part of the experience!!!





Jason Julien guest speaker at CariFin Games Prize Distribution Function


CariFin Ice – Breaker for The 20th Edition of the CariFin Games.
In this video you will see highlights of CariFin Games 2011.
We are honoring of champion and heroes and showing homage to those who have kept the faith and maintain a high level of fitness for 2011 and thus the reason for us to be celebrating for 2011.
In this 10 minutes video we have capture all the highlights of CariFin Games 2011, so sit back and enjoy.


CariFin Prize Distribution Function Promo

July 10, 2011

Prize Distribution Function Promo

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