Carifin Games News Update 2012

                         “Never be too competitive to lend a hand to a fellow competitor in need”

                                        Wayne Rochard

                                                          Winner “The Spirit of the Games” Trophy 2014 (male)

This stateme15268789870_47462a5315_znt embodies the true essence of what the Carifin Games is all about, the camaraderie, team spirit and the togetherness.

It is this spirit of unity among participants (mainly members of the Financial Sector) that makes participation in Carifin games so unique and memorable. After winning “The Spirit of the Games Trophy” (male) this year Wayne Rochard admitted that he received lots of love and heartfelt

wishes from his peers.

A participant at the Games for just over 8 years now Wayne (who works at FCB Bank) seems to be like fine wine getting better and better each year .Winning the trophy has changed his life, prior to this he very rarely worked out but now he has incorporated a fitness regimen in his everyday life, challenging himself so that he would always be prepared for upcoming events. He has admitted to becoming more disciplined and focused over the years and his goal is to continuously do better.

He lives by the motto of the three Ps ……Plan, Prepare and Participate.

“Once you plan then you prepare. Once I have prepared then participation comes naturally.”

This mindset is living testimony of what a true Carifin athlete is all about. The objective is not only about winning but improving and challenging yourself both physically and mentally. Carifin brings family, friends and co -worke

Determination from start to finish

rs together to support one another. Wayne admits that’s what he mostly loves about Carifin. “The coming together of financial institutions gives you that drive to compete for your team. Not forgetting the bragging rights until the next Carifin !!” It gives him a personal sense of achievement apart from his job and personal life and he has felt truly honoured to have received his Spirit of the Games Trophy. A trophy which he will be fighting hard to retain in 2015.Howe

ver he does have these parting words to all future participants and the Carifin public. “Prepare yourselves for CARIFIN Games. If one fails to prepare one’s goals are not met. Also include your family as supporters as we all come together in for “Fun, Fitness & Friendship.” We salute you Wayne on a job well done!


The Carifin Games began on Saturday April 14, 2012 with a Torch Relay and the actual competition kicked off on Wednesday April 25, 2012 around the Queens Park savannah, with close to 500 male and female walkers and runners.
In May there was a steady flow of activities, the Green Mile on May 02, 2012, at the Sand Track, having the 1st runner cross the finish line after 5 minutes, followed by a steady stream of runners and walkers. Following was the Chancellor Challenge, on Wednesday May 09, 2012, despite the rain there was much excitement as runners and walkers tried to set good times. On May 16, 2012 the aerobics burnout was a blast with best exponents of the aerobics discipline on show. Cricket, football and All Fours took centre stage on Saturday May 16, 2012 at Republic Bank Sporting facilities in Barataria. There were improvements in the football competition with the introduction of hockey size goal post and in general the 3 activities flowed much better.
There were many winners – Falomi Marcano was the overall winner in the aerobics burnout. In the running competitions, among the males Shayne Barran of Republic Bank who came into the Games from the 2nd event, won three of the four events. The 1st event – the One Lap Savannah, went to Akeel Simon of Central Bank. Also having good run among the men was John Donaldson of First Citizens (Last years’ CariFin cross country champion) with two 2nd and two 3rd places. Christian Hannays of RBC did well with a placing of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in the four running events. The overall runner of the Games went to John Donaldson for accumulating the lowest aggregate score among the men.
On the female side Wendy D’arbasie topped the competition in the series by winning all 4 running events and taking the overall female runner of the Games. Other noteworthy competition came from first timer in the games Alana Joseph Duncan with two 2nd places and one 3rd place in the Games. Salina Pouchet of Team CBTT grabbed one 3rd and two 4th places.
For the walking competitions Deodath Harrikissoon walked away with top honours winning all 4 events, and copping the male title. In 2nd place was Andrew Mc Carthy of GHL with 4th, 4th, 2nd and 5th =15 points overall. 3rd place was Desmond Christian of CBTT with 3rd, 5th, 4th and 7th =19 points.
Among the females, Carla Questelles-Forde with two 1st places and one 2nd place made a good showing. Roxanne James of RBC had two 2nd placings and one 1st place to distinguish herself in the games but the overall winner of the series by virtue of taking part in all 4 events was Cherylin Cadogon of RBC Royal, who walked the Savannah and finished 23rd and 14th, 8th and 5th in the other events to give her a total of 50 points.
The female runner stealing the most honours on the day and ineffect the Games is Paulette Thomas. When Paulette won this year’s event it meant that it was the 2nd year in a row she has hold on to the title and defended it successfully.
Other winners were the novelty champions – Team GHL, Dance off competition – First Citizens, “Are you fan Enough Contest – Team GHL again for the 2nd year running, “best tent” was won also by GHL and Ms. CariFin was again won by Kerry Paul of GHL.
The Games ended on Sunday June 03, 2012, at the Sevilla Golf course with a number of exciting activities for all to focus on.
Prize distribution is carded for Thursday July 26, 2012 at 5.45 p.m. 16th Floor – Conference Facilities