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CBTT Launches CariFin Games 2019

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CBTT Launched CariFin Games 2019

Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT), launched CariFin Games 2019 at its Epicurean Lounge (Lunch Room) on February 13, 2019, at 12 noon.

At the head table were Salina Scott, CariFin’s unbeaten female runner 2017-18, Esla Anthony, Miss CariFin 2011, Timothy Woolford, President of the CBTT Sports and Cultural Club, and Cadajah Spencer, Miss CariFin 2018.

Also in attendance were Arvinder Bharath, Senior Manager – Financial Technology & Information Security, CBTT, and Wayne Roberts, President of the CariFin Games.

As members of staff enjoyed their lunch, they had the opportunity to hear the plans, strategies and ideas for #Team CBTT in CariFin Games 2019.
Master of Ceremonies, Esla Anthony, welcomed everyone, and gave a brief but interesting overview of team CBTT.
One of the impactful things she articulated was that team CBTT had a Mr. CariFin for the CariFin Games 2019 – a first in the history of the Games and an interesting perspective, that a team came up with a function and role for a Mr. CariFin for the Games.

CBTT’s newly minted Mr. CariFin is Miguel Donatien of the Financial Institutions Supervisory Department.
His role and function as far as team CBTT sees it for now, is to accompany or escort the 2019 Miss CariFin representative to all CariFin events.
This great and brave move by team CBTT, might have the snowballing effect needed to trigger excitement, and garner momentum in getting the games’ population ready for a Mr. CariFin competition sooner than we probably anticipated.

Timothy Woolford – president of CBTT’s Sports and Cultural Club, highlighted the performance of team CBTT at the 2018 Games. He also shared a strategy intended to increase the institution’s participation level and support base by introducing what he called: CariFin Champions. He asked all the champions in the room to stand and wave as a means of identifying themselves.
These champions would be on every floor or within every department, and their functions would be to encourage their peers and/or colleagues to sign-up for CariFin events, as well attract staff to CariFin to cheer-on the team to boost their fan/support base.

In addition to drawing reference to the unbeaten status of Salina Scott in the Games, he stated that these initiatives are being introduced in the attempts for team CBTT to win CariFin 2019.

Miss CariFin, Cadajah Spencer, spoke about her reign as the reigning Miss CariFin.

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