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Chancellor Here We Come

by carifinman · 0 comments

Are you ready for a challenge?


No it’s not the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the after effects may be just as chilling. The 2016 edition of CariFin’s Chancellor Challenge is here and it promises to be very exciting.

The numerous competitors in this the 25th edition of the CariFin games are now fully revved up after the completion of two marquee events on the CariFin calendar. The One Lap Savannah run tested the stamina and tactical nous of the runners, while the Green Mile did more to test the speed of the competitors over a comparatively shorter distance.

Republic Bank’s Abijah Phillip surely has an A grade thus far, as he has passed both tests with flying colors. Not only did Phillip show his endurance and will en route to winning the One Lap Savannah event, but he also showed some sprinting ability as he ripped through the finishing tape to take the Green Mile race a fortnight ago.

Now, Phillip and his counterparts will have to show their climbing abilities as they look to take on the challenging terrain at Lady Chancellor Hill. The Chancellor trek is definitely not an easy one to make, and Phillip would do excellently to grab his third straight running event in this year’s games.

One man who will be hot on the heels of the buoyant Phillip is First Citizens’ Keston Gabriel. The FCB employee has finished as runner-up to Phillip in both running events thus far, but he will be hoping that ‘lady luck’, or Lady Chancellor in this instance can smile on him to ensure that he doesn’t play second fiddle any longer.

The women are not being overshadowed by their male counterparts this year, and a few names have been sticking out among the masses. Wendy D’Arbasie took the honours for Central Bank when she edged Scotiabank’s Laverne Evelyn into second spot in the One Lap Savannah run. However, Evelyn showed that she was ‘red and ready’ for the Green Mile as she bested all other female competitors in a time of 6:37.

Central Bank’s Chelsea-Anne Phillip and Guardian Group’s Jileta Candace Landeau are knocking on the door though, and maybe it’s just about time for them to blow the house down. Both women managed to finish in the top three for this year’s two previous running events and they will surely be looking to continue that consistency. Landeau should be particularly optimistic of her chances after a third place finish in the Chancellor Challenge last year.

On the walking side of things, the Republic Bank ladies definitely had a blast time out as they totally walked over the competition. Aliya Henry lead the ‘walkout’ at the Green Mile a couple weeks ago, and she and her teammate Tessa Weekes will be looking to go one-two again when they make the steep Chancellor journey. But surely their colleagues in the banking sector have been reviewing their strategies to ensure that the Republic ‘sweep’ was a rare occurrence.

There will be no squabbles or fights when it comes to discussing the favorite on the men’s side of the Chancellor Challenge walk. First Citizens’ Deodath Harrikissoon has made a habit out of winning CariFin walking events –Harrikissoon won both the One Lap Savannah and Green Mile walking events at this year’s games-, and it will take a brave person to bet against him. But if betting is your thing, then the Guardian Group pair of Jade Camps and Christopher Reid have got to be at the top of your list. RBC’s Clement Jubrajsingh is likely to be among the top walkers too, and he will try to leave Harrikissoon in his rearview mirror when he goes up Chancellor.

The runners are ready, the walkers are ready, even the MC is ready. Are you and your financial team ready? The Chancellor event will only be fun if you come and tag along with your teammates. So assemble with your teammates just before five in the afternoon to get the show on the road.

The Governor has thrown down this challenge to you. Will you accept?

Oh… don’t forget your team accessories.

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