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Chrissy Hospedales is Most Improved

by carifinman · 0 comments

Competitions are not just about winning. It is also about giving it your all.

Competitors take great pride not only in defeating their opponents but in making personal achievements.
No one knows this better than the CariFin Games Most Improved Female Runner 2016 awardee Chrissy Hospedales. She may not have won the top prize in the one lap race around the Queen’s Park Savannah in the 2016 Games, but Hospedales achieved a personal best, shaving a whopping five minutes and thirty three seconds off her completion time.

At the 2015 Games, Hospedales completed the lap in 31 minutes, 14 seconds. In 2016 she was able to decrease that time to 25 minutes, 31 seconds. It was the largest improvement in the event over the previous year. The second best improvement time came from Judy Alexander of Sagicor who posted a time of 23 minutes, 29 seconds in 2015 and improved with a time of 20 minutes, 19 seconds last year.

But Hospedales didn’t stop there. She went on to post a time of 9 minutes, 30 seconds in the Green Mile event, an improvement over her 2015 time of 11 minutes, 37 seconds. Her achievements earned her the Most Improved Female Runner title.
The award, as the name implies, goes to the one male and one female who improved the most on their completion times over the previous year.
It is one of the most anticipated categories in the Games. And Hospedales is ecstatic about earning the trophy and the bragging rights. She praised organizers for recognizing and rewarding not just the winners but those who worked hard to do better.

“I was elated to have won Most Improved Female and thankful that CariFin recognizes participants outside of the regular 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes,” she said.
“I was proud of myself for the extra effort that I put in.”

Hospedales, who has been participating in the Games since 2011 as a Republic Bank Ltd (RBL) representative, said she didn’t even remember that there was such an award to be won. Her motivation, she said, was not to get an award but simply her love of running.
“I love to run since primary school days and it’s my “me time” as I am a full time mummy of two boys – 2 and 9 years old.”
With motherhood duties and a full time job as a customer service representative at RBL San Juan, Hospedales admits that she has very little time for anything else. But running is her activity of choice to keep fit and healthy. Her sons are following along that path as well, accompanying her on her regular runs.

In 2016 Hospedales said she trained harder in preparation for the CariFin Games as well as to participate in her first ever half marathon.
It was definitely a winning year for her as she also copped the “photojournalist” title in 2016.
Describing herself jokingly as a “photo take outer”, she shared her love for photography and the memories it creates.
Overall, Hospedales had an unforgettable experience at last year’s Games and has nothing but praise for the event.

She said CariFin is a great initiative for persons in the banking sector to get involved in as it presents an opportunity for meeting new people and having friendly competition.
And as bank workers spend most of the working day indoors, she said it was also a great way to become active and pursue a healthy lifestyle.
She said other sectors should follow suit with similar events to promote healthy living among their employees.

She is looking forward to participating again this year where she will be taking part in all four running events. She is aiming to improve her completion times yet again.
Good luck Chrissy!

About CariFin

The CariFin Games has been promoting health and fitness among the staff of the financial services sector for the last 25 years and it’s the number one sporting event among the financial services sector. The main emphasis of the Games is the promotion of fun, fitness and friendship among the participants and staff of the participating institutions.




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