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Climbing to the top

by carifinman · 0 comments


Climbing To the Top of Success: Danielle Cazabon


cazabon_GM14Danielle Cazabon is one to watch at the 2015 Carifin Games. Although last year was her first installment at the games and she placed in double digits in the first two events, she made it most memorable, as her placing moved to single digits in the last two events, and placed third overall, among the females. Prior to 2011, she was into fitness “sporadically”, but was never consistent, she always did something on and off – aerobics, spinning and some strength training, but was never into running.

Initially I concentrated on spinning which I really love. Later in 2012, I started training with a personal trainer as part of a group – weight training, aerobics, spinning, running, boot camps etc. Now I exercise almost every day of the week,” Cazabon said. She said she was encouraged into running by her gym trainer. “I was encouraged by my trainer in the gym initially and then by friends from the gym who pushed me, eventually encouraging me to enter various 5Ks and even a half marathon. I ran my first half marathon (UWI) in Oct 2013 and then did the International Half Marathon in January 2014,” she said. However, her enhanced abilities on the field has come at no easy task, as there is a challenge balancing her professional life, while maintaining fitness in the field of sport. “Work, family and fitness…. Leaves little time for anything else. You have to be organized and disciplined and plan out your schedule.” Besides running, she has been practicing spinning and weight training, and these activities have increased as Carifin 2015 is on the way come April. But what motivates this financial prowess from the pack is her determination. “Never give up… just keep pushing… You can do it!…. No limits…” In 2014 I had a great year overall, ‘I came 4th in the Chancellor challenge, about 10th in the Savannah lap and 16th in the Green Mile, and 3rd in the Cross Country.” She plans to keep the upward trend of success and even climb higher as the 2015 Carifin Games approaches. Team Sagicor 2015 is also ready for the challenge as they participate in the Games for a second time. “I believe my performance, and that of our entire team (we all did really well!) will inspire new participants and has impacted the staff at Sagicor positively. Over the last year I have noticed several staff members pounding the savannah pavement frequently! Scazabon_PD14ome walk, some run, but the important thing is to get out there and get active. Team Sagicor will see new talent coming on the scene for 2015 and have already started to get ready. “Yes I am hoping we will have some new team members after our success last year.” Her Advice to younger professionals, (FIND THAT BALANCE). “The sector can be very stressful at times, but it is important to find time to maintain a good work life balance – exercise is a great way to relieve the stress and relax. The earlier you start the better – make it a part of your lifestyle. Plan properly so you can balance all aspects of your life. Remember hard work, integrity and good ethics are extremely important in this industry.”

Words to Remember from Danielle:

Never Give Up!

Anybody Can Do it!

Have people to run with you, to push you along!

Set your sights high!


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