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Come and Run with Us

by carifinman · 0 comments

Come and Run with Us


So you always wanted to run or get better at it? You probably even understand the basic foundation of this thing we call running.

CariFin has  a Saturday morning group run whose main aim is to pass on the practical fundamentals of running or human movement. This normally takes place on Saturday mornings.  We use the Botanic Gardens and around the Savannah for the beginners or first timers.  As we advance we add other locations such as Lady Chancellor Hill, Chaguaramas to Macqueripe/Army Post. We throw in some beach running, over the hills to Maracas beach. These group runs start at 5.30-6:30 am.

Why This Group stands out from the Rest


At our group runs on Saturday mornings we teach the Pose Method of running;  that is landing on the ball of your foot, and while in the Pose or figure four position allowing your body to fall forward using or utilizing the force of gravity and catching yourself with your other falling foot.

This is a move away from the traditional pushing to create movement to one of pulling.
Basically running is a skill and as a runner you should invest some time to learn.

Some of the benefits of being part of this group.

  • Train and run with a group that will motivate and inspire you to a more consistent level of commitment
  • You can avail yourself to video and audios on the subject of Pose Method of running
  • Links to courses and other teaching material and resources from some of the best teachers on the net.
  • Video analysis of your running
  • Nutritional information for running
  • How do you be part of this experience?

Call Wayne at 487 9487 or email
Meet us at the Botanic Garden on Saturday morning at 6.00 am
Your next race could be one where you use your newfound skills that you learn from our Saturday morning running group.

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