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Cricket rules

by carifinman · 0 comments

Rules for Carifin Cricket Competition

Big_cricketer23rd May 2015

  • Each team must consist of seven (7) players.
  • To start a game, a team must have at least four (4) players, one of which must be a woman. No team is allowed to take the field without a woman on the team.
  • Each team must consist of at least one (1) female player during the match and on the field at all times- if a substitute is being used for a female, that person must also be female.
  • Maximum over’s per innings consist of seven (7) over’s each.
  • Each player must pelt/bowl at least one over.
  • One(1) over must be bowled (ROUND ARM ACTION)
  • One (1) over must be bowled/pelt by a female member during the match. The female bowler is not mandated to bowl or pelt. This is at the discretion of the player.
  • When the female over is being bowled, THE BATSMAN MUST REVERSE HIS BATTING STANCE. The female stance remains the same.
  • Only one fielder permitted on the grass during the first five (5) over’s per innings except during the power play over (See rule 15). After which only two fielders are allowed on the grass.
  • Any ball hit plumb over the fence is given six (6) and
  • If the ball goes through the fence or touches the fence and goes over it is given as four (4) and not out.
  • Byes and Leg Byes are legal in this competition.
  • Wides and No balls consist of one (1) run and any additional run is taken. A front foot no ball results in a “FREE-HIT.” Standard rules for a free hit, inclusive of not out if hitting over fence.
  • In cases of any form of obstruction, the normal cricket rules apply.
  • The batting team can choose a POWER PLAY OVER (1) between the Forth & Sixth Over. During that Power Play no fielders are permitted on the grass and you CANNOT be OUT hitting over the FENCE.
  • Each team is given a maximum of thirty minutes (30) to complete their allotted overs.
  • Should a game be rained out but after the time rain ceases allowing play to continue, a three (3) over – one bowled, one over by woman and one pelt with no field restrictions (rules stated above for over fence continues to apply) will decide winner. If the rain out occurs in the finals and there be no way to play a full length game, organizers must try for a five over, then 3 over super game. Should both options not be possible, joint winners will be the result.
  • Umpires decision is final.
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