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Daily update …… 2 days to Go!

by carifinman · 0 comments

The route for the cross country has been changed or altered a bit. The change to the actual course is not really major but its impact on the day’s proceeding is far reaching.

I had a visit with the Sportt Company personnel and the golfers and the people who are going to cut the course and we show them what areas to be cut based on where the course is passing and the restrictions from the Sportt Company.

Most important coming out of that trip to Sevilla is the fact that the finish line for this year’s event will be changed or has been changed.
How is it going to be changed you are asking?
Simply the finish line is going to continue on the road instead of the customary finish on the greens coming up from the bridge between the tents, where the finish line gantry would normally be.

That leaves us in a quandary should we leave the tents as they were in previous years, if they are left the same way then only the tents next to the road would get a full view of the finish of the races as it passes. (Kind of unfair) But we are left with the option to move the tents to accommodate the finish line. The question is there any suitable place otherwise to accommodate this changed.
This is a really dicey issue and could only be really sorted out when you actually put them where the finish of the race dictates.

That finish is having the participants of each event continue on the road turn right into the street and finish in the middle of the street.  That could see the setup for the tent taking place on either side of the street that leads out from where the DJ is setup.

I can’t actually say from here if that would be the case but it looks like the major option we have but we have to explore it to see how feasibly and practical in terms of the space available and the general layout. Because the original tents that were there last year would have to be shifted or moved a bit to accommodate this change.

Team Song
I know that Republic and First Citizens already have their 3 minutes song for visiting their tent. Republic is not telling anybody what it is. You hear it, you know it only when it is played, and team manager Colette is very discreet about it. So far only two people in the whole organization know what it is, the person who put it together and Colette.

Word has it that RBL group would be coming in the dark of night to decorate their tent…. Taking discreet to another level. (Night people).
“All yuh better clean and shine that crown and keep it for us,” Colette talking about the Ms. CariFin crown and expressing confidence and cockiness that their entrant has a great chance at the title.

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