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Does Running Gear Really Matter

by carifinman · 0 comments

Dessert Blog Post No. 6

Does your running gear really matter?      

Food for thought, if I have good running technique is it important what shoes I use?  Well, good technique is always a great place to start and it plays a very important role in your long term success as a runner.  Just as important however is the type of shoe that is used.  The right type of shoes can actually reduce injury; enhance your performance and your competitive edge.

Purpose of Shoes

Understanding the real role shoes play in the running technique would assist greatly the importance that is placed on choosing the right shoe.

Here are three (3) factors to consider:

  1. Shoes protect the foot from the elements and the environment reducing physical damage
  2. They provide added traction, rotation and foot support
  3. They allow you to run faster

Since shoes play such a major role in ones running performance then let’s consider the options available

Types of shoes

When it comes to the world of shoes there is certainly not by any means a limited supply to choose from.  The varieties can be overwhelming from the brands to the color combinations.  For running we can narrow down the selections to three basic or main prototypes that are used:-

                                                             Racing Flats

The Wedge Midsole  Minimalist Shoe Racing Flats
blog 6 image 3 blog 6 image 4

    Let’s take a closer look at each option:-  “Wedged Midsole”

This became popular in the 1970’s when jogging became popular.  Its main feature is the localized padding support at the heel

blog 6 image 5

The idea was to provide a cushioning to:

  1. Lift to the heel off the ground
  2. To protect the foot from impact as it hits the ground
  1. The Minimalist Shoe

These shoes re-emerged on the market within the last five years with features that differ significantly from the Wedged Midsoles.

They provide minimal heel offset


blog 6 image 6The idea was to:

  1. Not interfere with the foots natural absorption and
  2. To not interfere with the foots “Proprioception”. Sounds complicated?

Well it is a little, but not hard to understand.  This refers to the body’s ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. This ability enables us to know where our limbs are in space without having to look. It is important in all everyday movements but especially so in complicated sporting movements, where precise coordination is essential.


  1. The Racing Flats

    This shoe adapts well to the body’s natural form of running.  Like the Minimalist Shoe it features no

Heel offset

blog 6 image 7          The idea was to:

  1. Protect the foot naturally
  2. Allow you to run with optimal running technique

How to choose?

Here is an easy test:

  1. Jump up and down in place
  2. How does your foot land on the ground naturally?
blog 6 image 9 blog 6 image 8

You would notice that you land naturally on the forefoot first and that it is difficult to land on the heel.

This allows the body to absorb and dissipate shock.

Pro’s and Con’s to consider before investing

  1. The “Wedge Midsole” while the most popular in stores encourages the heel strike pattern of running which is contrary to the natural landing pattern. The heel cushioning while it protects the foot locally, the magnitude of the impact on the body remains unchanged.
  2. The “Minimalist Shoe” does interfere as little as possible with the body’s natural shock absorption and proprioception.
  3. The best option for running is still considered as the “Racing Shoe” or the Shoe with not heel off set that allow you to run at your optimal.

Now that you understand how to analyze your technique and how to choose the right type of gear let’s

consider how to build on the skill of running.

 Dessert Blog Post No. 6

Trivia Questions

Multiple Choice, you are asked to select the most appropriate answer place the corresponding number at the end of each question.

Question 1

What are three different types of running shoes?  _______

  1. Flat foot shoes, mid wedge soles and sneakers
  2. Racer Shoes, Minimalistic Shoes and wedge midsoles
  3. Sneakers, Racer Shoes and Running shoes

Question 2

What are the benefits of using running shoes?  ________

  1. It provides traction, protects the foot and allows you to run faster
  2. Prevents you from becoming dizzy
  3. Allow your feet to breathe, provides traction, helps you run better

Question 3

Name two concerns with using the popular wedge midsole sneakers?  _______

  1. It is best for jogging and makes you run slower
  2. It encourages injury and make you land on the forefoot first
  3. It interferes with the body’s natural landing and encourages heel strike landingDessert Blog Post No. 6Trivia Answers

Question 1

            No. 2


Question 2

No. 1


Question 3

            No. 3

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