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Editorial from Nigel Baptiste

by carifinman · 0 comments


Nigel Baptise is on the right in the picture

Welcome to the second edition of the CariFin E-newsletter.

The 2010 CariFin series of road races is scheduled to kick off in April 21st. 2010.

While the series of road races has continued unabated over the years, the level of participation from the various financial institutions has varied significantly depending on the push provided from within each organization.  Over the last couple of years, there has been a steady reduction in the level of participation across each institution.  There is little doubt that the races are losing some of their luster.

Even the organization of the Carifin races itself is largely driven from within the Central Bank and Wayne Roberts in particular.  While the contribution of Wayne cannot be quantified and much appreciation is due to him for his commitment to the ideals, there is no doubt that others also need to step to the fore.  Before this occurs however, or maybe as an essential pre-requisite for this to occur, there remains the need for CariFin to re-invent itself.

The financial sector in Trinidad is comprised of a few serious runners, many intermediate runners and an even larger number that run/walk primarily for health purposes.  More importantly, there are numerous other sporting disciplines that occupy the attention of individuals employed in the sector.  The formation of the CariFin Fitness Club intimated an intention to take activities beyond road running.  This intention needs to be actively developed.

A first step in this direction should be a survey sent out to all of the financial institutions to determine the level of interests in such sports as tennis, squash, swimming, netball, basketball and golf.  Other sports such as cricket and football already have the benefit of inter-financial institution leagues.  Based on the feedback, appropriate arrangements can be made to structure and coordinate sector-wide activities.  A second step is a movement away from the traditional pattern of weekly road races focused on performance to ones focused more on participation.  Team events and relay participation are a couple of ideas to broaden the appeal/participation.  Previous recommendations for a Hash, a Nature Trail Hike and similar such activities are once again also recommended for inclusion.

CariFin has come a long way over the last eighteen years but unless it undertakes a critical revamp of itself, it runs the risk of becoming irrelevant to the sector.  This would be a very unfortunate outcome.

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