Esla is aiming at a maximum time of 3:45 Esla is aiming at a maximum time of 3:45 |

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Esla is aiming at a maximum time of 3:45

by carifinman · 0 comments

Esla is aiming at a maximum time of 3:45, no more!!!

“So based on that we should take approximately 3 hours to reach CBTT, so we should be at the bank by 8:30 thereabouts.
On behalf of Esla and myself, thank you for all the support. This experience, would have be enhanced if more staff were challenging the distance. Maybe next year.”

Come Sunday January 24, 2010 at approximately 8.30 am and Shawn Edwards and Esla Anthony should be passing the Central Bank building at corner of Edwards street and independence square, or approaching or have passed it a little while.

Esla Anthony and Shawn Edwards two employees of Central Bank had embarked on a personal project of completing the CLICO marathon in a sub four hour time.

They stuck to their personal dream of running the CLICO marathon and didn’t waiver along the way. They stay healthy with no major injury problem hindering them from their dreams. Their trainer Carlos made sure they got the best advice as regards to their training and was with them supervising their training during the months leading up to the marathon. They had both taken part in the UWI SPEC half marathon, Shawn doing a time of 1.44 and Esla with 1.52.

So admittedly they have some pedigree. When UWI was finished they didn’t stop training but continued with the desire to do the full marathon.

On weekends they could be found on roadways some where in Trinidad putting in the necessary miles for their long runs.

On morning during the week the treadmill machine at the Central bank hard gym would be firing away as these two runners pound out some quality miles as part of their training program together with a mix of strength training under the close watch of their trainer.

It wasn’t long after the people around Shawn and Esla realize they were serious about running 26.2 miles and began to give them the necessary support as colleagues and friends.

Staff members of Central Bank would always ask either Shawn or Esla how their training was coming along or where their training run was this weekend.

The last week leading up to the marathon the corporate department send out a notice informing staff and asking them to come out and support the pair as they embark on their 26.2 miles journey of the CLICO marathon.

Vernette Superville another staff member who walked the marathon before would be adding some running this time.  She too is excited by the upcoming drama of the running of the marathon. She has her own stories to tell about the previous experience and her challenges and desires to prevail against her own limitations… hoping to let the electricity of the crowd thronging at the start to the vastness of 26.2 miles lift her along the way. She too would enjoy the cheers of those who line the course, to the pleasant smiles, to those impassioned appeals, to encouraging shouts, go girl go! Those hoots of encouragement the male onlooker

Evidently to the disappointment of Shawn is not having more of his fellow colleague being part of the experience this year. Hopefully the seeds would of being sown to see more runners sprouting in the months between to hopefully join them God willing next year.

Other runners from the financial services institution who normally participates in CariFin would join the rest of local and international runners on Sunday January 24, 2010.

The runners making the trek besides Shawn Edwards, Esla Anthony and Vernette Superville of Central Bank, are Jade Camps of GHL, RBTT Bank would be represented by Shawn Delphin,

Champions Simon Sawe and Mary Akor will defend their CLICO Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon titles.

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