Female Athletes: Timing is Everything…How to clock the win at 1 Lap Savannah Female Athletes: Timing is Everything…How to clock the win at 1 Lap Savannah | carifinonline.com

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Female Athletes: Timing is Everything…How to clock the win at 1 Lap Savannah

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Women: Timing is Everything. How to win at the 1 Lap Savannah

Top 3 female Leaders

Just as the Torch Relay on Saturday April 2nd, 2016 saw an unprecedented level of participation, with over 450 runners and walkers, the 1 Lap Savannah promises to be equally as popular and brimming with excitement as all 10 financial institutions have confirmed their participation.

IMG_5493Over the years the female category usually rocks with the most excitement as the best female runners in the financial services realm line up head to head. The women in this field usually demonstrate a variation of running skills, so this year’s 1 Lap Savannah competition will make for some exciting viewing as we see who will come out on top. Some of these women are noted for speed, endurance, some for their strength and great performance on hill and some are plain fast on the flat. The 1 Lap Savannah is generally flat with 2 main slight inclines, so it would be interesting to see the strategies of these women for the 1st event as they seek to position themselves in top tier of this the 1st event of the 4 part series. The series consist of: 1 Lap Savannah, 1 Mile at the Sand Track, Chancellor Challenge and Sevilla Cross Country Race).

If we look at the times returned over the last 3 years we can get a good sense of how our female athletes are trending; and if we go a bit further and compare those results with the expected times on Wednesday we can get a feel of how things may unfold.


Wendy D’arbasie

Comparing the last 3 years of women’s performance for the 1 Lap Savannah, Susan Russel of RBC Bank winning with a time of 17.41; in 2014 Lee Hay of CITI copped it in 17.20, and in 2013 Wendy D’arbasie won for the 2nd time with 18.18.

The question is if you want to win this race and vie to be top female runner in CariFin this year, what kind of times should you be posting around now.

ANSWER: To win the female title on Wednesday 13th April 2016, you must be able to post 15 minutes.

(Note: The time posted inset is a time trial from Wendy D’arbasie Garmin, taken a few days ago!


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