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From the Committee

by carifinman · 0 comments

From the committee:

The 2nd meeting of the committee was held on Thursday February 10, 2011.

We like to welcome Hazel Tywang-Maharaj of RBTT to the committee and representing CITI for the first time Camille Moe filling in for Alicia Hernandez. The other first timer on the committee is the RBL representative Colette Rahamut.

The other members on the committee present were Jason Thomas also of RBTT, Allison Fields of DIC, Darren Cole of UTC, and Wayne Roberts – CBTT.
We had some lively discussions on the matters on the agenda and I am please to share a few with you.
Coming out the meeting was the agreement of the date for the 2011 Games.

Hazel Tywang-Maharaj asked about the ‘OCE’ the mascot and I said that it needed repairs. Colette said she would investigate their carnival school to see if they can get it repaired for us.
Jason Thomas felt that we should send out something from the committee showing highlights of 2010, list the events.
It sounded more like the soft Launch that Dale Mohammed did last year and I agree to look at the document.

We took a look at the strategic plan I presented and a lively discussion ensued where Jason Thomas of RBTT felt that we should resolve the chaos that was part of the registration process of 2010. The problem arising with Odessey Timing claiming to have only 500 timing chips and the numbers for last year juggled in between and a little over the 500 mark. Jason Thomas indicated that with the team he expects to bring representing RBTT and what RBL and FC is accustomed entering along with the other team he is sure the 500 mark is attainable in 2011.
Odessey Timing said the only way to increase his timing chip from is to FedEx them in at a cost to us. So we are looking for some solutions.

Part of the chaos was the teams’ fault themselves by sending in their registrations quite late, even minutes before the race people were just showing up and expect to be part of the event.
A cut off point was suggested with a larger cost if your registration went beyond that date.
Coming up in the mix for discussion as it relates to the strategic plans laid was the chaos and confusion with the aerobics burnout, it was felt that the running events and the aerobic burnout should be further separated as far as the points tallying is concerned.

The committee blended in quite nicely with everyone one contributing to the overall items laid for discussion

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