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From the Polls – Wendy D’arbasie

by carifinman · 0 comments

Favorite Female Runner Wendy D’arbasie
CariFin Games recently ran a poll asking its readers to vote for their favorite female runner. Wendy D’arbasie came out with highest percentage of votes of the six female runners featured in the poll.
Wendy D’arbasie is a fine runner having had good measure of the Urban Challenge as an individual and as a team member and she has the trophies to prove it. She has won the team category with Elton Scott and took the overall running events in the Urban Challenge. Among all the CariFin running events the Green Mile seems to be her favorite event, having won it or featured well in it many times. Last year was a case in point where she ran away from the competition in the Green Mile and took first place. After having to settle for 2nd place behind her team mate the in form Esla Anthony who it seemed had a firm grip on the CariFin competition last year.
Wendy’s past and present success in CariFin seems to be doing good for her, raising her stakes in events as well as her popularity.
Being the person chosen by virtue of topping this just concluded poll hopefully it is telling us something (Probably) that Wendy is someone to watch for 2012. As an athlete Wendy has that enduring appeal that sets her apart from other athletes. Wendy continues to run well and hopefully 2012 will be one of those years where she is able to come good, demonstrating when it comes to running she can still compete with the best.

It would be nice to see if she is able to be one of the dominant trio from team CBTT that rule the roost in the Urban Challenge. That trio includes Esla Anthony, Chealsea Ann together with Wendy. With or without the other two CBTT staff members with the faith and trust placed in her by her voters it would be nice to see if Wendy can hold it together, maintain that high level of fitness and improve her speed and stamina and compete at a high level.

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