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Gerardo Felix Most Goals

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Gerardo Felix – Most Goals Winner of CariFin Games 2016

Who is Gerardo Felix?

Gerardo Felix is currently 25 years old. He attended Mucurapo Junior Secondary School and Mucurapo Senior Comprehensive School, both on Mucurapo Road, in St. James. His main sport is football which he started playing at the age of 10 years, with his primary school St. Agnes Anglican School, on Clarence Street, in St. James. He was also involved with Defence Force, Jabloteh and Clint Marcelle Academy.

Mr. Felix works at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT), as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).
The year 2016 was Gerardo Felix’s first year participating in the CariFin Games and he was very successful. He expressed that the standard in the CariFin Games was very competitive, as mentioned “in this competition you does see a lot of talent from these players.”

For CariFin Games 2016 he was titled “Most Goals Winner” in football.
Mr. Felix plays football constantly throughout the year, on average three to four times a week, therefore he says “I am always prepared” for such events. Additionally, he may take the occasional run or jog when he sees fit. He only ever attends the gym when he needs improvement in strength training or he wants to work out a particular muscle.

It doesn’t end there at CariFin Games for Gerardo as he represented Central Bank in the Inter Regional Games (IRG) & Inter Bank Football League (IBFL).
During an interview when asked, “Your team – Central Bank played well in the competition to make it to the finals but you all didn’t win, how disappointed were you with those results?”
He responded, “I won’t say it was a disappointing result for us because the full team didn’t come out and we only had 7 players to use for the tournament.”

But did anything in his childhood contribute to this present day success?
“My attitude towards life and others: I have been pushed and never was able to give up no matter what I have got that determination since from small, it has just developed a lot more as I grow.”
Mr Felix was interviewed via email; below are the questions and his answers:

Q: “Did scoring the most goals give you that feeling of satisfaction or console you somewhat after coming from a hard fought final that you did not win?”
A: “Not really because we had that game but the guys were really tired in the second half and Guardian Group came back on with some fresh legs most of the team, but we lost on penalty. One thing I must say Central Bank Players got a lot of heart and spirit for this game called football.”

Q: “Central Bank never won this tournament; do you think CBTT will win this tournament in your time as a player?”
A: “Central Bank is going to win this tournament this year (2017). My team has the mind set and we not settling for anything less than first place.”

Q: “The fact that you scored the most goals in the tournament could this be used as an indicator to emphasize the level of your skills among the other players in the competition?”
N.B. Gerardo Felix scored 7 goals.

A: “My team played as one. We supported each other, they saw I wanted this. I was the pointed striker and I had to be greedy for goals. My skill level is high but there are players that have a lot of skills also. But the determination to go for it with heart and soul not everyone would be willing to give that extra push to achieve that goal.”

Q: “How would you describe the match in the final where CBTT came up against Guardian Group?”
A: “Best game of the tournament, we ended up losing on penalties but both teams played heart and soul that game. I cried that game knowing how hard we fought for this but you can’t win all. Know 2017 CBTT taking it home this time!”

Q: “What was the highlight of the competition for you as a player?”
A: “The highlight for me would be the finals for football the referees, supporters, refreshments. Organization towards this tournament was excellent.”

Q: “What would you recommend changed to improve the prospects of the CariFin Games for 2017 and beyond?”
A: “For 2017 and beyond I would like to see more financial companies to be more into the CarFin games.”

Q: “Do you see CariFin Games as a tournament where a skilful footballer could make a name for himself?”
A: “Yes this tournament has a lot of great players, no joke, just to be recognized by the right set of people to get that push and take them to the next level.”

Q: “As the footballer on whom the CariFin light is shining the brightest, what words of encouragement you would say to the footballers in the financial sector to bring them out to the 2017 tournament?”
A: “Hard work always pays off. Never give up on something you love, be determined. Don’t let anything stop you. It’s not going to be easy, but trust me you’re going to smile with the lights on you. Nothing comes easy. Key for y’all in 2017 and beyond: work hard for what you want. God gives us that ability to be anything in this life, you just need to put in the work.”

Q: “If you had the time and money, what is one thing you would want to do?”A: “A front row seat in Camp Nou to watch Barcelona Play and meet the players face to face would be a dream come true.”

Q: “Would you recommend CariFin Games to people working in the financial sector?”A: “Definitely, so they would be a lot more free and comfortable playing with their work colleagues and also be proud representing their company.”


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