Get Ready the Torch Run Relay is Coming Get Ready the Torch Run Relay is Coming |

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Get Ready the Torch Run Relay is Coming

by carifinman · 0 comments

Get Ready the Torch Run Relay is Coming
With just mere days before the 1st event of the CariFin games – The organizing committee is hard at work putting in place everything necessary for a good start to CariFin Games. The first event in the Games – which is the Torch Run Relay, takes the committee’s full attention. We must remember in the past getting participating institutions to take up the 14 legs of the Torch Relay from Central Bank POS to Republic Bank – Couva had been very difficult.
We had to resort to calling on the “Friends of CariFin” our UWI SPEC half marathon – Team in Training friends to help us out in carrying the Torch along the way.
We are asking all CariFin participants to come out this year and make the Torch Run Relay a big success.

The promotion of the event within the participating institutions held the spot- light. Members updated the committee on what they are doing and have in mind for marketing and advertising internally.

Republic Bank is working through its carnival academy to restore the event mascot to have it ready for 2011.

Plans are afoot to probably have a Minister open or start the One Lap Savannah – The first race of the Urban Challenge.

Caribbean Participation.
Jamaica is seriously looking into returning to the games this year. Mr. Antoine Williams of Team Jamaica indicated they have a ready contingent of hard core runners waiting to come and participate in the CariFin games 2011.

We would like to welcome back ADB to the CariFin Family. They were with us before when Nicole Budd won the event. Welcome Team ADB

The Torch run is set to leave Central Bank at 7am to go on its eight- hour journey to Republic Bank Couva this Saturday – March 26. 2011.

This is a late call to all participating institutions to make sure you have a leg, maybe 5 to 6 people who will carry the torch for you in your team colors. They can use their flag or whatever they want to use to represent their institution when their turn comes to take the Torch along the way.

Things are taking shape in the CariFin Universe and the excitement is just starting to strike up, you can actually hear a low hum in the background as the band is sound testing.

I hope you are focused and ready, from team captains, to the actual participants, to the supporters as we make this year’s CariFin something out of the ordinary, where we show that level of creativity.

I would like to thank the following institutions for being part of CariFin for yet another year. Agricultural Development Bank, CBTT, CITI, First Citi- zens, Grace Kennedy, Guardian Holdings Limited, Intercommercial Bank, RBTT and Republic Bank Limited.

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