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Highlights 09 – A Review

by carifinman · 0 comments

Review of CariFin 2009

TEam GHL Pulls

team GHL Pulls Together

CariFin’s main objective is to promote health and fitness among the staff of the financial services sector. The main message it hopes to get across is – “We are all responsible for achieving and improving our own level of fitness and health”.  However we should not neglect the role and responsibility the leaders in the workplace have to foster and promote this much needed commodity.

It is always a welcome sign when we see the leaders as well as senior management of the various institutions participating or attending the events or sending greetings via newsletters, audio or video interviews which we carry on our newsletter and websites.

The torch run is a good place to see the solidarity and support by some of the leaders as we start the series of events with lighting the flame of the torch as we start the Torch Relay.  Dr. Shelton Nicholls and Ms. Joan John both Deputy Governors of Central Bank have been coming out to the Torch Relay for close to 5 years with Dr. Nicholls starting off the 1st leg of the Torch Relay. Former Country Head of RBTT Bank – Mrs. Catherine Kumar runs a leg or two of the relay. Nigel Baptiste – Executive Director of Republic Bank together with senior manager of HR Denise Boodram has played a part in the opening of the torch run and Denise Boodram has also been carrying the Torch on the last leg to RBL Couva. Lisa Mahabir of Grace Kennedy does her part in carrying the Torch during the relay and we want to thank them for their support. And also to all the teams and their runners who meet us all along the way to the 40 mile excursion carrying that symbolic flame of hope.

CariFin events continue to have both running and walking categories catering for both level of participants and it has served us well in maintaining our participating level of the Urban Challenge and on the cross country events. So it was no surprise to see the one lap savannah for last year – total participation being made up of close to 100 walkers and 155 runners, giving us 255 participants.  Looking at the figure for the last 4 years there has been a steady increase in participation. In 2006 we had 92 runners and 40 walkers, in 2007 there were 102 runners to 40 walkers, in 2008 we saw another increase with 131 runners and 61 walkers. At the end of the day Crystal Ann Awai of GHL starred among the women and Nikosi Mc Leish of RBTT continued to lengthen the gap between him and the chasing pack. Jean Marc De Boulet of First Citizens was a new found talent among the men with the promise of challenging Nikosi Mc Leish for his number one ranking in CariFin.

The other Urban Challenge events – the Green Mile and the Chancellor Challenge  were dominated by Nikosi or Crystal Ann – except for the Green Mile when Wendy D’Arbasie won in fine style, Crystal Ann placing 4th because of a bout of illness.

Mumtaz timed everything right in the Urban Challenge and came good at the Aerobics Burnout to capture another crown in the CariFin Urban Challenge. Gilford Mornix of GHL took the crown for Aerobics burnout and the Urban Challenge for 2009.

Cricket, football and All Fours saw the teams gathered at Republic Bank grounds to decide who the best in these three disciplines was. At the end of the day Republic Bank walked away with the cricket trophy. CITI was champs at the small goal football competition and in a hard fought All Fours final between Republic Bank and Intercommercial Bank saw Intercommercial Bank getting the better of Republic Bank.

On the big day on Sunday May 30, 2009, it was one fun packed day of activities for adults as well as kids.  We played host for kids of the Lady Hochoy Home, St. Mary’s Home and Convalescence Home. It was a day out for the kids and teachers that the schools have looked forward to for the last 5 to 6 years. They had what we have called the “The Kids Park” where they had computer games to pony rides to the traditional sack races.  The adult were not left out with the adult novelty games with inter-institution novelty events. From relays to other group events had the crowd screaming with excitement as they saw their team mates challenge other teams to see who the best were at let’s say the Tug–of–War.  Things did not stop there as there was the dance off competition where we try to find the best dancers in the financial sector and they have their chance to entertain and mesmerize us with snazzy moves.

The day is never complete without the original events meaning the cross country male and female events.  Nikosi Mc Leish carried his winning way to Sevilla with a 3rd lien on the male cross country title. This making him only the fourth person to achieve such a milestone in CariFin and when the CariFin Hall of Fame is establish his name must be there.  Crystal Ann Awai had a first taste of success and glory at Sevilla and boy did she basked in the feeling of triumph and that hypnotic feeling of success somehow making all the hard work and struggle of the season to get there oh so worthwhile.

At this stage the crowd was getting restless after a long day of activity after activity. They were all ready for the biggest crowd puller on the day – Ms. CariFin Competition.

Ms. Central Bank representative – Melissa McAlister was a popular winner of the Ms. CariFin Competition with grace, charisma, intelligence and some fancy aerobics moves which saw her getting the highest marks on the entire judges score card.

Catherine Kumar Former Country Head of RBTT Bank was on hand to crown Ms. CariFin 2009 – Melissa Mc Allister.

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